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What brings you to Esoteric Online?
All things Esoteric!
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About Me
I am an Advanced Controlled Remote Viewer(, an 8th generational Reiki Master, a Master Tarot Card Reader, and Minister. I majored in Theology and am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Science with an emphasis in Information Technology.

I have been ummmm aware for as long as I can remember in this life, and remember many lives where I was asleep. I guess what I am really saying is that I came into this life remembering more of the eternal story than that of the present moment. This is very common within eastern traditions vs Western traditions as Eastern societies are more inclined to the path of karma and dharma. And one engages with another via their eternal story rather than present illusion.

I guess all thing esoteric naturally came to me to help me with living in a world naturally inclined to amnesia. It seemed it was the only truth many times in my life. As I later became disciplined in coping with my environment, I began to feel a sense of freedom to express myself. Though I had no idea how to do that. Especially because my expression was different than my environment. So I asked the Universe "How do I express myself?"

Funny the Universe. Its response was first I must learn to listen. And so I did. I got really good at it too. I would listen to a chair and listen to a human. I would listen to the in between and listen for potential. I began to listen to that which is unseen and listen to the real truth in something that paints a very different picture than what it was communicating. I listened to the lessons of our ancestors and listened to the ether of creation. And finally, I asked again "Universe how can I express myself?"

"Tell others what you have heard." It was a perfect answer for me.

Somehow on my journey of learning to listen, I became entranced by all of creation. How we grow, expand, think, the spirit in all things to that of I am. It can be quite intoxicating listening to something transform. It can overwhelm every one of your senses hearing the creation of love.

Every esoteric feild in which I have mastered throughout my many lives has brought me closer to understanding some of the most complicated yet simple philosophies of existance.

In listening I have understood the potential we humans have....and it is INCREDIBLE! We are in a phase of evolution presently and so yes it is a bit chaotic. But sometimes the finish line is just as much as the journey as it is the completion.

So I guess this is a little bit about me. In the very generic version about who I am - I would say I am an alchemist. Alchemy is science and art. "Alchemy requires three aspects in order to succeed: a substance, a container, and a fuel. It requires a substance to be transformed, a container for that substance to be transformed in, and a fuel to complete the transformation.
In Spiritual Alchemy, the container is one’s awareness. The matter to transform is the dross, or encumbrances of one’s consciousness, the emotional, psychological, or spiritual beliefs, patterns, and energies which reside in our being which keep us from seeing the truth of whom we are, or our relationship to greater existence. The fuel is a heightened state of consciousness, which can be invoked or attuned to with simple awareness exercises. By placing, for instance, those aspects of our being which are no longer serving us, such as emotional wounds or beliefs of our unworthiness, into our awareness, and bringing the fires of transformational consciousness from within the subtle realms, to our assistance, we can transform those wounds and meet more fully our greater existence."

You can find the many versions of who I am via Facebook:

Twin Flame

Regular Ol Me

Note: If you have made it this far down - thank you for listening to me!Namaste
Astrological Sign
Sun:Scoprio Moon:Cancer Rising:Gemini
Favorite Books
Conversations with God
Autobiography of a Yogi
Witches Bible
Saint Germain insights on Alchemy
Keys of Enoch
Lumerian Scrolls
The solitary witch
Pledian DNA activation
Keys of Solomon
Enochian Magick
There is so much more..... wish I could upload a picture of my Library here.

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Empire of the Conscious mind

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 9:39am 0 Comments

"Man is the only animal clever enough to build the Empire State Building, and stupid enough to jump off of it." - Janet & Stewart Farrar

Conquering the enormous gravitational power of the earth.

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 2:24pm 1 Comment

 "This is true when you jump too, but only for a short time because your willpower is only greater than the earth's gravitational pull for a short time. So you see time consumes your will power transformed into physical power. Time does that! And space? Thus you see that your power is consumed by two great factors: time and space. If you could amplify your will power and store it within your body, you could conquer the earth's gravitational pull…


Spiritual Advice 6/15

Posted on June 15, 2017 at 1:00pm 0 Comments

If you are a person where the last few days may have been a little shaky, but through discipline, you have seen yourself through – all that is left to do is claim your victory! In this card, you see the clear skies to let you know the storm has passed and a huge sense of giving yourself a pat on the back is felt. For even if your disciplined defense was shaky, you stood your ground…


Us from another perspective

Posted on June 13, 2017 at 1:45pm 0 Comments

“The art of being a spiritual human who lives by nature's laws requires that we work at balancing these very alchemical energies that we are made of. The meaning of alchemy is the scientific study based on the supposed transformation of matter (Bedard, 2015).”



Bedard, M. (2015, April 10). Sacred Gnostic…


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At 2:20pm on June 23, 2017,
Dorian Gray

Its rather more than that, actually. specially in Through the Looking Glass, Dodgson (Carroll) embeds sacred secrets relating to the endowment (training for exit-entry into the body) under states of ego-dissolution, Dodgson was apparently a high-ranking Rosicrucian and like his associates who built the Watts Chapel (their expression being realized in terra-cotta figures and architecture), Dodgson reinforced his adept training in symbolism. This was the Hermetic way: Never let the truth be lost. The 'Alice' books were not merely a trip into or through the 'subconscious,' but reflected and recorded the mystical experiences common to all true occult adepts, because all adepts experienced them. The use of entheogenic sacraments was kept secret, but is intrinsically obvious in ALL hermetically encoded art and writing.

Today, the true "sacred science" of the Perennial Philosophy has itself become occluded and sadly all but lost. What René Guenon liked to refer to as SYNCRETISM has replaced on-going synthesis and the transfer of this 'sacred science' down through the ages.

Today, both modern and the theoretical foundation of materialist science and the confusing syncretism and ever more watered down (and mistaken) exoteric religious mythos has become a smorgasbord of half-truths and existentialism. Jung's take on alchemy was largely an attempt at synthesis that failed not in the sense that the 'subconscious' plays a major role in consciousness, but instead in its modern and gross misrepresentation as having revealed the REAL goal of Alchemy. That's rubbish.

Alchemy is an AETHERIC science, and was never truly separate from ASTROLOGY in its cosmological aspects. "As above, so below" is a statement that alludes to the tessellated nature of the aetheric (space-time) structure, but encodes the truth that the atomic structure is operating on the same exact principles a the macro universe. Alchemy uses this knowledge and its manipulations of matter are based on these principles.

Alchemy is the "sacred science" that allows man to extend his life that he/she might learn enough ... to transcend the cycle of death-birth-death cycles and loss of spiritual memory, in order to attain the Christic, Horian (etc) path of Anastasis: a restoration of what was lost: not merely a body, but the contiguous MEMORY OF ALL ONE'S PAST LIVES.

Jungian interpretations of alchemy as focused on the subconscious are a New Age over-simplification and ¼ truth.

Now, if you would like to learn a bit about REAL alchemy, I'd suggest a peek at my web site at www dot Tetraskele dot com. It is my avocation to return the TRUE Perennial Philosophy and its attendant sacred sciences to this darkened little world. ;  ) Before you blow this off as mere hubris, take me at my word and check it out?

Peace, Dorian

At 1:33pm on June 22, 2017,
Dorian Gray

Let's hope Alice learned from the Red Queen then. After all ... this is her purpose to learn from those she interacts with in wUNDERland. :  )

At 1:54pm on June 9, 2017,

Dont miss the event !!! Its in 10  min :D 

At 5:28am on June 8, 2017, John Savlove said…

Glad you love all the sacred sciences, Natosha!



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