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learn metaphysical information, practice manifestation.
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I am very eclectic and interested in all spiritual paths. In many ways I am focused on the mer ka bah meditation and the different usages for the reiki symbols. I am a reiki master, having received master attunements from three different masters.
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the acient secret of the flower of life, Wicca Revealed, The Witches Bible, Cosmic Trigger, Matrix III The Psycho Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electromagnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness.
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Prophecy, The Brave One, Naked Lunch, The Truman Show, Blade runner, True Romance.

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mer ka ba meditation

Posted on January 12, 2012 at 3:25am 1 Comment

Anyonw who knows anything about the mer ka ba meditaion please get back to me ASAP, I would really like to learn and practice this meditation, Thank you, christopher jacobs

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At 10:00am on October 8, 2015,

thanks for the friendship

At 5:04am on March 18, 2015,

hi, i read some of your poetry on the links you shared in the group yesterday. very nice works i enjoyed reading it. i love poetry.

At 11:28am on April 13, 2012, yasahnk gupta said…

hi if you want to learn specific methods than i would suggest you cn do Channeeling courses like  Archangel Melchizadek Method, Magnified Healing these are powerful courses for Anscesion into Light Being with the help of Angles and Archangles.

At 10:32pm on April 12, 2012, Rick Brown said…

Sorry, brother. I'm not familiar with this subject. Best speed to you.


At 5:21am on April 12, 2012, Kim Jesper Poulsen said…

Hey Cristopher,

interesting question for me, since the reconstruction and revival of ancient spiritual practices is a main field of interest. You may mean a tradition of merkabah mysticism like the Talmudic Heykhaloth Rabbatai, but since the ancient meaning is very, very different i'll answer the question as if referring to an ancient meditation style.

The real merkabah belonged to a half-forgotten ancient form of spiritual yoga, the traces of which are found around the globe. The chariot simile is a key metaphor and is found in the Bhagavad Gita, Phaedrus , Parmenides, Katha Upanishad, Ezekiel, Bronze Age symbolism, etc.. The chariot symbolizes the spiritual cosmic journey home to the source, as well as the principles of Man, and the spiritual practice, the yoga, itself.

This symbolism died out with the chariots, it seems. And later jewish merkavah mystic schools may not be much not more enlightening on this ancient practice, than Patanjali and Hatha Yoga are on the indian variant. 

In the Ancient World, before the rise of the religions of the "jealous gods" there was a syncretic spirit. And ideas, spiritual ideas, travelled more freely than in later times. The best shot for reconstructing the real merkabah is to work like an archeologist - peeling off layers and putting pieces together. Pieces scattered all over the world, not limited to any one tradition.

And finally when you have put your chariot, your path, together contemplate it, travel it, and become it.

As for manifestation - natural or magic - it was viewed as the reciprocal function of the spiritual journey. Creation myths are a key factor in understanding the spiritual journey. The ancient myths of a primordial fall and a lost direction is a spiritual-psychological key to the meaning.

I would start the task in this order:

First learn the basic assumptions shared by all ancient systems. Medieval systems are very different. Like day and night. A spiritual seeker 500 BC would analyse the human being spiritually, psychologically and physically. Including the direction before, during and after this life. One 1200 AD might be a theistic mystic, praying and reciting the names of God, as in the merkabah mysticism of that age. A modern one probably cooked a stew of too many ingredients from the internet. ^^   

Then isolate a tradition and learn the basic terms and symbology. There is a time to be ecclectic and syncretistic, it is not here.   

Then add systems along the way. First get an overview of the whole system, then compare the parts of the system (the "chariot"), to the others.

Finally prepare the best possible synthesis as the scaffold for your spiritual practice. Keep building the path, adding pieces. Each part, limb or stage of the yoga often with advantage can be used from the tradition that specialised in it. The result is an integral yoga (clearly hinted at by the Buddha using the simile of the seven chariots in the Rathavinita Sutta. 

To sum up my standpoint. The chariot was a very common (if not the) metaphor for a spirtual path 5-600 BC, in Ezekiel's time. It is clearly used in a pretty consistent manner in different sources. (It is also the origin of the term yoga, to yoke something.) It's stages were often hinted at by creation stages, emanations or cycles. It reveals a far more complex, multi-dimensional picture of the human being on it's journey of existence than is common in medieval times.

We have in our time two amazing tools to interpret ancient ideas: the revival of the ancient ecclectic and syncretistic approach, and the internet at our fingertips.


At 4:42am on April 12, 2012, Jared Chiddix said…
Does this Look right? I think it's Wrong. But I could be Wrong. Heres my take.;
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This entity was created for Corporate Profits
It was also created for a reason for government to pass new laws giving themselves greater control and people less power. 
I am naturally a paranoid person. 
But strangely this ( this new Law manipulation tool)
has helped alleviate that paranoia. It helped me realize how little I care about material things. 
Shedding oneselves of this desire is, I believe a critical first baby step to enlightenment. 
At 11:02pm on April 11, 2012, Keith Davidson said…

Christopher,I don't know mer ka ba meditation. Hoever, there there is one other means of connection through quiet meditation of your spirit with the Eternal Spirit Of God. As a way of seeking eternal truth, take time to ponder on the following post given below:...

At 10:42pm on April 11, 2012, Judy Weissert Randolph said…

Hello Christopher,

I see you are from Moon Township. I am originally from Pittsburgh. Grew up in Emsworth (Sewickly), Ohio Township, graduated from Avonworth, and worked at Calgon Corporation (MoonTwsp)  in the 1970's.  Anyway interesting question, and I enjoyed this article of the origins of Mek Ka Bah, and biblical references.  Also, I posted this on my face book., if I come across anything else, I will post it.

At 10:22pm on April 11, 2012, josh mckerral said…

Hi yes i have two books you'd be interested in,75248035-The-Book-of-Knowledge.pdf and Merkabah.pdf

Let me know what you think.

At 3:18pm on January 20, 2012,

hey brother, track 67 on my playlist.  the mudras and breathing excercises are found in his book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, in the library here at EO. 



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