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The Holy Qur'an's Teachings About Israelites

The Jews in the Qur’an are called the "Strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims" (5:82);

"They fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah" (2:79; 3:75, 3:181);

"They claim that Allah’s power is limited" (5:64);

"They love to listen to lies" (5:41);

"They disobey Allah and never observe his commands" (5:13).

>They are disputing and quarreling"…


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Is Alchemy Evil? - A Review

Is Alchemy evil?  No.  Alchemy is an esoteric science, from which all contemporary exoteric sciences find their root.  With regard to evil, it has been my experience what is defined as being evil can very much depend upon one’s perspective.  In religious terms, if something stands in opposition to…


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The book by Alex Collier (1995) is recommended for the history of the galaxy, and is free to unload. 

Based on information from the Andromedans it is a useful reference regards the theory of how things starred and the first details of the Draco and the human diaspora from Ursa Minor.

Visiting to the future they found a tyranny which was due after 357 years and traced back was centred on this 

solar system and the planet Earth. The Confederation of Planets met and decided…


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After the NDE

One of the things that interests me most is usually not the description of the NDE itself. I believe that each experience is generated from within the "core," the part of us that exists eternally, and is therefore unique. One of the reasons it so often matches up with the individual's spiritual beliefs, or what they have been exposed to in that vein.

I set out to write the story of my experience, a suicide by overdose that I could not have medically survived, that sent me…


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Empty Journal

                                                              Empty Journal

D                                    A                                 C                                           G

  An empty journal with a picture of an idol in the jacket that he wore before he died

Did he make you want to take your empty pages, turn them into…


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The Yogurt That Wasn't

I rarely tell my own true tales but this one may be worth a shot for some summertime entertainment.

Earlier today I decided to stop at a frozen yogurt shop for a small treat. As far as I knew the place had a good reputation and was highly recommended by some of the locals I was chatting with outside of another shop nearby. So I ventured in out…


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Arabic Alchemy

Arabic alchemy is as mysterious as Greek in its origins, and the two seem to have been significantly different. The respect in which Physica et mystica was held by the Greek alchemists was bestowed by the Arabs on a different work, the Emerald Tablet of …


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The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East ;

This 5 volume set landed in my hands last month, and I am grateful.  Do not be off-put by "five volume."  Each one is short and the reading is easy…


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Hi Esoteric Peeps

Been a long time.  So many dreams.  So many books.  So many false testimonies.  So much re-shuffling.

Glad to be back, healthy, alive, open, expectant, and keeping in the light.  

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Metatron's Cube


Metatron's Cube not only contains the 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional Platonic Solids, it also contains the 4 dimensional Tesseract.  This is extremely significant as it complete a sequence of Transcendence.  Consider that (in Euclidian Terms) ALL of creation follows a pattern of…


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About the Infinite Game

In the Western World many people play the Analytic Game. The Analytical Game resolves the conflict between the Facts of the Senses and the  Models, Rules and Norms of the Human Prediction System, the Expectation (often called Thinking).



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The Ritual of Egyptian Initiation – Part 1

    As in modern fraternities, before the candidate was admitted to participate in the trials he must be selected by unanimous vote. Then he must give himself unreservedly into the hands of his guides and place implicit confidence in them, obeying their commands without asking questions. If we bear in mind that the whole ritual symbolically…


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The Ritual of Egyptian Initiation – Part 2

Continued from Part 1

The bottom rung of the ladder represents that point where the involving soul can go no lower, the point where it contacts the mineral realm and first incarnates in objective form. The 7 upward steps represent the 7 states of its evolution from mineral to man. In this seventh state the soul has…


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Sound is alive and all symbols emit a sound.

 Greetings fellow selves,

     We are down the ladder through the infinite rabbit hole and if you haven't, pls read my previous blogs because you might miss some synchronsitc info that is meant to be sequenced in order to fully understand the dynamics I am about to speak about.

     We have determined that light is alive. If you understand how 3d holograms work then you understand how reality works. We are in a hologram of light and dark. Our bodies are…


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   Information of galactic operations derive from the Andromedans, published in 1995 by Alex Collier,                                                                                                                                                                                                 They went into the future and found that in after 357 years there would be a Galactic tyranny. They traced its…


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The Spiritual Alchemist

THE conception of life held by the spiritual alchemist is quite different from that ordinarily held by the man of affairs. The events that spring into existence as the result of his contact with external environment are viewed from an entirely different angle. Instead of being considered in reference to…


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The "I AM"

                                           THE “I AM”

    Confirmation for immortality is in the words of Jesus where He said in the Twelfth Blessing :                                ”Blessed is The Absolute”, “It is the – I  AM -  within  man”.

  The individuality of each life experience lasts forever, although Freewill eventually becomes no longer relevant in the development of collective consciousness in Soul, as stated in the ”Nine Freedoms”.

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Enjoying Robert Price's Podcasts on Esoterica, Gnosticism, etc...

Am enjoying binging the podcasts of Robert Price on western scriptures, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gnostic Gospels, etc...

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Honor the elder

What is equality in death, and recognition in death?
One chooses their will upon death, this includes the elder they wish to honour their passing. The ashes of their body reside within the alter one prays to. When that elder, chieftain, great one (both natural AND self-elect) dies, those who have elected them are dispersed to their final wish. The ceremony…

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regarding the colour of Thursday

it's Purple.

Steve /span>>

Fri, Apr…

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