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Sound is alive and all symbols emit a sound.

 Greetings fellow selves,

     We are down the ladder through the infinite rabbit hole and if you haven't, pls read my previous blogs because you might miss some synchronsitc info that is meant to be sequenced in order to fully understand the dynamics I am about to speak about.

     We have determined that light is alive. If you understand how 3d holograms work then you understand how reality works. We are in a hologram of light and dark. Our bodies are…


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Everything is Vibration

     Hello Again. Well, if you have followed me and my posts to this point, I thank you. If you have not done so, please read my former 2 blogs 1st. This is a kinda part 3. We are about to get into the skeleton of reality. I will lose a lot of you with this information. Either it will go over your head or conflict with what you know is true or it will resonate. That is fine. I am not here to change your mind about something. If I had the choice to make you believe…


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Deeper Reality

If you haven't already, read my blog titled "Reality" before this one. This is a kind of pt.2. OK so by this point we can agree that reality is not random. And if you have had the time, you have proven this to…


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My main theme my whole life is to figure out what this world is and how it is made. When I began this journey I thought of…


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Evoking Raphael

The night before last I succeeded with my first evocation done since I was a teen. I decided to evoke Raphael. His "Matter of Fact" tone was both calm and intelligent. I asked many personal questions about spiritual implants or hooks. I could hear him speak but could only understand a few words in each sentence. I then asked him to give me the info over time by direct cognition. I instructed him to leave at…


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The sun contacting with electrical space.

Are we moving into the most electrical dense area of our ~28,000 year journey through the Milky Way? I believe we are starting to. Look at this video of the Sun on Dec. 23, 2014,…


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