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The Triads of Book 333

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I Can't Get No ...

satisfaction is like ... fulfilment.

fulfilment is happiness.

happiness is bliss. 

fulfilment is also completion.

finalization, and sanctification. 

Assurance beyond doubt or question; complete conviction.

A feeling of satisfaction at having achieved your desires.

Enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy.…


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How To Get What You Want

Ask, Seek, Knock


Matthew 7…


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Who's who - Christ , Lucifer and Satan

According to Rudolf Steiner, we have a devil on each shoulder, and the angel or Christ is within our hearts.

Christ between Lucifer and Ahriman (Satan)

The anthroposophical view is that good is found in the balance between two polar, generally evil influences on world and human evolution. Two spiritual adversaries endeavour to tempt and corrupt humanity: Lucifer and his counterpart Ahriman. Steiner described both positive and negative aspects of…


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The Pure Rays of Light Meditation

The Pure Rays of Light Meditation

Sit upright. Close your eyes. Be not distracted. This is a Rosicrucian meditation as given by Rudolf Steiner.

With this meditation it is important to live entirely within the vibrations of these words in a pictorial way.

Spend some time on each line so that the full impact of the phrase is realized. 

In pure rays of light,

– Feel yourself surrounded by a flood of…


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Kingdom Found, Beauty Crowned

Kingdom Found, Beauty Crowned

The following is an original interpretation of the above and below…


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two kabbalistic affirmations/meditations

from "the gift of kabbalah"



Keter: I am a spark of God. My essence is Divine.

Chochmah: I emerged from the wild creativity of existence - I am a path worth risking everything for.

Binah: My being - body, mind, and spirit - is aligned with the patterning of the universe. I am a temple for my Divine soul.

Da'at:  I am a seeker of higher Divine unity through my mind.

Chesed: I am in touch with the support of…


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the monad

the monad.


all is one.

there is only one highest reality.

all humans and life arise from the same one source.

all things from one ; the monad is the source of all things.

a fundamental attribute of the universe is unity.

the monad is unit, a unit which is alone, a singular item.

it is the supreme being, the absolute one, the ineffable parent.

it is the spiritual source of everything.

for the dog, for the sheep,…


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