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Higher Consciousness

Higher consciousness is an expression used in various spiritual and intellectual traditions to denote the consciousness of a human being who has reached a higher level of development and who has come to know reality as it is. 

Other names for higher consciousness:

  • Super consciousness (Yoga)
  • objective consciousness (Gurdjieff)
  • Buddhic consciousness (Theosophy)
  • Cosmic consciousness
  • God-consciousness (Islam,…

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On the origin of mercy and severity

God's infinite light before the initial Separation (tzimtzum)

The beginning of the actualization of the creative process:

The single one

The single one refers to the essence of God's infinite light as it is concealed within the infinite light before it becomes revealed , even to himself , as it were

The single one is thus understood to be the absolute Omnipotence of God - the fact that God himself is able to do all

Just as he is able to do… Continue

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A Collection of Esoteric Emblems

Out of the Center

From whence is this & that, if not out of the Center?

“When one… begins to use these [emblems] in meditation, as opposed to merely intellectualising over them, one will find that it is difficult to exhaust the implications of each emblem. …The meditator will find the sequence to slowly unfold its beauty of construction and see how each step builds upon the former… to… sense the inner architecture of the emblems…” (McLean introduction,…


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The Way of the Heart, The Book of Nature & The Book of Man - Louis Claude de Saint-Martin

The Way of the Heart

It seems more than pointless to accumulate only intellectual knowledge, because in order to proceed along the path of Reintegration, as a personal way of experience, it requires the way of the heart. According to Saint-Martin, the tool and the melting pot of spiritual evolution of man must be the heart of man. He has said…


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the 4 elements and their properties.

the elements and their properties.

First and best of these is Fire. Fire admits of no corruption, and contains the purest part of the quintessence. After Fire, He made the subtle Air, and put into it a part (but not so large a part) of the quintessence. Then came the visible element of Water, which has as much of the quintessence as it needs. Last of all comes the Earth. All these (like all the rest of Nature) He created in a moment of time. The earth is gross…


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7 Clues of Wisdom from the Porta Alchemia

Saturn/Lead: “When in your house black crows give birth to white doves, then will you be called wise.”

Jupiter/Tin: “The…


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The Fool's Journey from

Thought it would be fitting to share this journey of the fool on April Fools day. The Fool encounters the rest of Major Arcana..

The Fool's Journey by Joan Bunning

The Fool's Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each major arcana card stands for a stage on that journey - an experience that a person must incorporate to realize his…


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