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three dimensions - time, space, and the self

is everything made of particles?

particles are matter

space is the absence of matter

a cube is an example of matter

length times width times height 

l x w x h

3 dimensions

there is such thing as the wave–particle duality

waves are time

vibration is the of essence of…


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Zero by Bill Heidrick


All things have one beginning and one ending. The end is the beginning. I was born into this world at 9:10 in the morning on August ninth, 1943 e.v. in Chico California and I have lived many lives since my birth. Some of these lives have been joyful, some have held the bitter pain of innocence, some have been blind anger, some have been filled with the softness of love. I have learned to hate. In hate I could find no one to hate but myself. The hate was great…


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Conversations / Kabbalah

30.30 Conversations

This course teaches one how to regain control of the animal emotions by activating the intellect. A rather good summary can be found at: These seven principles parallel the Seven Midos of Kabbalah:

The seven midos of the Tree of Life parallel by swapping 5) and 6):

  1. Start with…

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Lightning bolt overview

from The Road to the Sun , Bill Heidrick

Lightning bolt overview

Malkut ruled by Yesod --- mind over matter

Yesod ruled by Hod --- magical control

Hod ruled by Netzach --- motivational guidance and selection of magical activities

Netzach ruled by Tipheret --- current…


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Three paths Up to Tiferet

Hod to Tiferet 

Awareness of personal thought.  As previously mentioned, the spheres of Hod and Netzach represent the extremes of Thought and Emotion, and Yesod, the foundation, is the balance point inbetween them.  On this path, the higher self, Tiferet, oversees the thoughts of the mundane self.  Realizations may occur which allows the higher self to observe the thought-patterns of the lower self.  The mental-chit-chattering of Hod is quieted when the…


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