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Determining Rosicrucian Affiliation: René Des-Cartes (1596 - 1650)

In identifying certain historical persons involved with Rosicrucianism we need to keep in mind that because of various religious and political persecutions of centuries past, Rosicrucians, for obvious reasons, were sworn to secrecy regarding their membership. Even known Rosicrucian apologists such as Robert Fludd and Michael Maier never publicly verified their Rosicrucian…


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Hermetic Philosophy by Jack Courtis

There is a subtle hint in the alchemical literature that the dew is a chemical secreted by the brain as a consequence of the performance of the Great Work. Thus the body is variously described as the "retort", the "vessel of distillation", the "alembic", etc. At the physical level, the Great Work is performed in the physical body and has physical consequences. This secretion acts upon the 7 glands associated with the 7 chakras. Amongst other things, it…


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Rosicrucian Digest Volume 90 Number 2 2012 (Kabbalah)

Rosicrucian Digest Volume 90 Number 2 2012


This is the thirteenth in a series of thematic issues of the Rosicrucian Digest exploring sources that have contributed to the Rosicrucian tradition.


Download full…


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What's your Path? Portals coming soon!

Greetings all!

Just wanted to mention some really cool new features being implemented on Esoteric Online. Many of you may be familiar with the default setting for new members here termed "Seekers", but we wanted to provide some additional opportunities to more closely reflect what resonates with you, in relation to your current path of spirituality or study.…


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