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Have a happy Tau day!

Some people may be aware of Pi Day, the March 14th holiday whose shorthand, 3/14, matches the first three digits of the famous number, 3.14. But some mathematicians are saying that Tau, which is twice Pi, is the truer "circle constant" and worthy of celebration.



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Light Club

Light Club (instead of FightClub)

1. You must talk about LIGHT CLUB

2. YOU MUST talk about Light Club

3. If someone is interested in Light Club, they are welcome without oath

4. Light must be universal

5. One Light Body at a time

6. No Ego, No Fear

7. Light should be on always

8. Even if this is your first experience with Light Club, you have sought Light

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The Creation of Elixirs

The Creation of Elixirs

In the beginning of the Alchemical journey, we have what is known as the Lesser Work, in which we can begin working with Plant Alchemy and the area of spiritual and physical medicines called Spagyrics. These are the beginning stages of the physical work that is performed on the physical plane, as experiments.

As in quantum physics where we are increasingly seeing the role that the observer plays in scientific experiments, so we have…


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