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Consciousness and Alchemy

I wanted to share my research into the connections between our subtle body and our physical body. My hopes are to begin assessing and organizing information to help facilitate the true union of science and spirituality once again.

Electromagnetic Waves

Moving charges (currents) produce magnetic fields. A constant current produces a constant magnetic field, while a changing current produces a changing field. We can go the other way, and…


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Clearing Misconceptions

Hello Everyone,

When I began on my path a little while ago, I found there were not very many I could talk to about it. The few people I was able to discuss esoteric subjects without being seen as troubled person or heretic, seemed to have the same findings through-out their life, so I felt that many others had to be in the same position and I decided to start Esoteric Online. As a neophyte or new initiate into the esoteric myself, I rejoiced (and still do every day) in seeing so many… Continue

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Esoterism and Symbol - R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

I wanted to share an excerpt from an excellent book, which was first shared as a duscussion response by one of our members, Excitorus (thank you), and I wanted to share it with everyone as it may benefit you.

"Esoterism can be neither written nor spoken, and hence cannot be betrayed.

One must be prepared to grasp it, to see it, to hear it. This

preparation is not a knowing but a being-able, and can ultimately be

acquired only through the effort of the individual…

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Thomas Jefferson on Adam Weishaupt (Founder of Illuminati)

My intentions are not to fuel negative forms which have been created, but instead to break some of them - by showing what some of the original intentions (still held by many) of the Order of the Illuminati were. Simply amazing that precisely the opposite of the negative created form was true, that in the heart of its founder was a deep yearning for humanity to experience enlightenment and true freedom, evolve with ethics, and no longer be governed by tyrant, state or throne.

January… Continue

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