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Some events occurred just now that I want to make everyone aware of, with as much respect and transparency to the community as possible, as to try and avoid any twisting around of the situation already or in the coming days, I feel you all deserve that. One of the main reasons for posting this, is that since its already an issue and in the public, I want to lay honesty out in the open, and so we can just move on to our real work at hand here on EO.

I was…


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A Rosaecrucian Interpretation of the First Chapter Book of Genesis

IN the beginning God CONCEIVED the creation of the universe and the THOUGHT directed the VIBRATIONS of the SPIRIT into all space which was void.


2.--And the Spirit entered that which was without Spirit and unto it gave LIFE. And that which was enlivened was without form, without determination, and in utter DARKNESS and there came moisture in all space…


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Actuality and Reality

From the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC)

Actuality: The manifestation of the vibrations of Spirit. That which is responsible for exciting the objective consciousness, through the sensations of the objective senses, such concepts as weight, breadth, length, bulk, etc. Therefore, actualities are the manifestations of the law and order of vibrations. Actualities are not necessarily realities, because unlike actualities,…


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