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By Titius IX.

[From The Mystic Triangle February 1928]

The Peace that passeth Understanding

Is found in the Silence of the Soul;

When Hearts and Minds in tune are chiming,

Their Even-song tides toward the goal.

As sturdy flames of living Fire

Burn calmly in the sacred Sea,



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The Initiate

The Initiate

By Bernard Sexton

A youth who tracked unspoken mysteries

Worshipping beauty in a lost retreat,

Saw the vast inarticulate wonder of the world

And watching from a high, star-drenched, ultimate crag

He cried aloud to the vast unhearing hills, he spoke to Masters unseen--

"Power I would have of the…


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The Temple of Fame

The Temple of Fame

By J. A. Edgerton

"How far away is the Temple of Fame?"

Asked a youth at the dawn of day;

And he toiled and dreamed of a deathless name

But the hours went by and the evening came,

That left him feeble…


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