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“Man’s mind, stretched by a new idea, never goes back to its original dimensions.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

If you let your Imagination fly, gravity will cease to…


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Cosmic Mycelium, Shroom Spores & The Panspermia Theory

What the mushroom says about itself is this: that it is an extraterrestrial organism, that spores can survive the conditions of interstellar space. They are deep, deep purple -- the color that they would have to be to absorb the deep ultraviolet end of the spectrum. The casing of a spore is one of the hardest organic substances known. The electron density approaches that of a metal.

Is it possible that…


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The Science of Transcendence

As we witness the acceleration of the deterioration of our environment, social, political and economic structures, it is beneficial to understand the evolutionary influences that are driving this age. By so doing we can consciously implicate ourselves within the phenomenal opportunity for transmutation that is available during this phase of culmination. It is the transitional phase of conception and deterioration in any cycle which creates the powerful frictions that open the portals for…


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Esoteric English and the Pi Proportion

Of all the axioms held there remains the primary axiom: Pi is the building block upon which the whole of the Illuminatus system is predicated. If you keep this core thought in mind as you delve further into your own research, this reality will become ever more profound and clear.

One book you should equate yourself with is "The Beginning of Masonry" by Higgins. He writes in the chapter called "The Pi Proportion",

"It is completely in accord with the ancient philosophy, which,…


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The Pi Proportion and the Ordering of the Universe

When we look at the process of "constructing this really divine system", it is impossible to do so without the Pi proportion. there is an intrical link between observable "cycles" of the Universe as viewed from Earth.

The easiest way to comprehend this is to translate the concept of "cycles" into the word "orbits". Orbits can be divided into their respective Pi proportions through the establishment of key marking points in the observation process.



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The Frequency of Perspective

We are already in every dimension so there is no shifting dimensions just shifting perspectives.

All possible futures already exist. which one will YOU choose is the question.

Life is a co creation. being present with your energy and what you truly feel like doing is the best thing you can do for yourself and the planet.

It is not our job to “fix” everything or “change” people it is our job to be ourselves…


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Octaves of Reality

With all of the different things that make up our world, it becomes difficult to define what our world is made up of and where the boundaries exist that define its perimeter. Just remember that “…all matter is merely en...

ergy condensed to a slow vibration…” –Max Planck. With this in mind, the slow vibration that defines our form is the pulse of our environment, which is the planet itself.

We can only hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, but the earth thrums at a low 7.83Hz. We cannot…


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Transending the Illusion of Separation

Separation:  The place at which a division or parting occurs.

The route of all delusion here in our world, is indisputably the illusion of separation.  All separation is merely a psychological misconception, and thus the ultimate illusion.  An illusion that when confused with Reality, renders one in a state of painful insecurity and justified indifference to others.  It renders one in excessive need for self priority before the consideration of humanity’s collective presence on our…


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We live in a spiritual energy nexus by virtue of which all living things exist through their ability to transmute this universal force into something individual. Humans are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to h...ow much of this universal force we accept and how freely it flows through us.

The great common carrier of universal spirit is an immense ocean…


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Surprisingly, there is often great irony in the way the soul behaves. Sometimes in the work world a person with analytic, linear vision can miss out totally on the harvest and fruits of work. The imagination has a particular rhythm of vision which never sees directly in a linear way. The eye of the imagination follows the rhythm of the circle. If your vision is confined to linear purpose, you…


Added by Brandon Cox on February 28, 2013 at 6:59pm — 4 Comments

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