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Which One is This Witch?

The more I travel on my journey of learning and discovery, I realize that no matter how much I learn, there is even more to discover. I learn from everyone and everything I come into contact with; I teach, but am taught by those very same souls, and I discover something new every day,

On my wall hang two poster-sized prints of the tarot cards, 'The Fool' and 'The Magician;' they hang side by side, as a reminder of where I've been, where I might be headed, and where I am now. I look at…


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A Plea For Sanity

Don’t ask me why, listen to your own answers.

Do question others, but follow your own spirit guides.

Take the time to recognize your own reality

and understand that each one of us has our own path to travel.


Your instincts are valid, so don’t try to rationalize the relational causes and

effects; those laws that allow our ship to sail wherever we determine.

Lo, we are captain of this vessel.


We create our own reality, so…


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When I was a young boy I lived in a most beautiful place deep in the mountains of Arizona, a state of diversity, where there are four separate seasons; and over one-third of our country’s indigenous trees are found.  There is lots of sky by day and stars at night, gazing down on mountain tops, lakes, streams, canyons, meadows and fields.


I was raised in a family that went to Christian churches.  My mother took us children every Sunday and Wednesday to a Baptist place of…


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Being Who I Am After All These Years

I admit I'm a feisty witch; I have never been in the closet and have always openly expressed my opinions and beliefs. I have many friends and mentors (as well as those who have different opinions of me), who have come and gone in my life, and now I am faced with being what is called an 'elder;' I am a result of the experiences of many people and many influences, who have taught me their traditions. While I am willing to pass on what I have learned through my experiences, I recognize in my…


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On being a wild witch and free spirit...

As a wild witch:

1) I accept responsibility for my own actions;

2) I do not believe failure is an option; where's there's a witch there's a way.

3) I do not turn the other cheek, unless it is for the greater good.

4) I understand boundaries, but am ruler of my destiny.

5) I believe there is a time 'to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent.'

6) I respect tradition, but follow no dogma.

7) I may feel fear, but do what needs to be done.

8) I am not a…


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