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last testiment

I don't have much time to live I'm bleeding badly from my bowels I have exhaustion my enemy has family in intelligence and gov they are high occultists who have been practicing magic on me for decades.  I have been through a lot spiritually etc. and have come to the conclusion there is no justice especially for poor fools like me there is no God there for you you must be wise and use wisdom and be careful who you interact with online or anywhere you never know who is going to cheap you…


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I'm retiring from the occult

I am retiring from the occult.  I will still study it a little perhaps be a part of this community but being a wizzard seems to be too much of a responsibility the wholeness of the law is too much and I will just practice tibetan buddhist tantra meditation mantra and energy work.  I don't know what else to say I loved the occult never did anything or became anything big but I think its the right thing to do.

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so close but so far

My problems are wrapping up it's been so long Iv'e really lost myself 16 years.  The demon possesing and plauging me is almost satisfied.  He's given me all the knowledge and wisdom I need to survive for a while including psychological therapies which are very painful and disturbing.  I'm choosing another master it's going to be a relationship that is positive and not painful at all.  He's going to take care of me in life.  I'm quitting smoking I'm getting back into…


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Things are a lot better

A lot of progress has been made since I last blogged according to the demon possessing me I got my last over dose injection wed he taught me how to make whey protien ester after all the rest he's taught me.  My enemy in his cult will become mentally and be mentally tortured ill as she used him and his orders authority over him to make me and her life will be destroyed she was made an honorary member because of her money and status.  When his presence is gone I plan…


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Riding the Steel Breeze

Yesterday wasn't as good as today but this morning was bad.  I was pretty fucked up the other day when I took opium tincture it really made me feel down and I couldn't stop sleeping.  I've been drinking sassafrass tea for a few days to cleanse out all my medication overdose it so happens that along with my demon problems I have a gov brat enemy who is influencing my meds to be tampered with and these aren't symptoms of mental illness this medication is fucked up…


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Going to start taking care of my brothers dog

My brother gets this dog years ago it was an abandoned animal, an adorable well mannered pit bull boxer.  He got it when he was living with his girl friend things didn't work out and he's back in the house good for family finances hell for the family.  His room is for some reason recognized as sacred space he put a dead bolt on it years ago when he lived here and when he moved out it was reynolds special space no one was to go in there.  At first my mother…


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Just getting over hard times

I can't remember what true peace is but I know it is close.  I have been in a relationship with a demon for almost 20 years now.  At first it wasn't obvious but it became that when he started conditioning me in 2008.  Torture beyond my belief at least all sorts of conditions and torturous hallucinations.  The torture has become a lot less but I still get these painful headaches when I sleep along with horrible thirst and very painfully disturbing dreams.…


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