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Societal Establishment of Emotional Concepts

In understanding self the process of unlearning is vital. In order to truly know self one must be able to separate from concepts that were indoctrinated and recognize the true state of being that is present in all things. The most popular of indoctrinated concepts is the state of emotional distress. This distress can be established under multiple titles: fear, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt. All of these concepts are fabrications of the lower self meant to maintain oppressive control by…


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The Concept of Growth vs Time

Consciousness is an evershifting enigma of energy. The energy flows from one form of consciousness to the next slowly reducing the amount retained from one point to the next. It was at on point believed that energy and matter can neither be created or destroyed. Over time we have learned this simply is not the case. Our consciousness in its understanding of how our universe works has grown to recognize that all universal constants are only constant in the mind. If evolution is to be allowed…


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Living Through the Last Days

In the age that we are experiencing in this life one thing is necessary. If we are to survive through this cataclysm as a race and as a society, we must be willing and able to act in love. If we cannot accomplish this we fall victim to the powers of deceit evil and hatred. This will taint the soul and cause disconnect in society. Live simply, and in a loving nature, and you will find true peace in this life. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to discontent.

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