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Often spoken about by the masters, living in the now, or being present is a state of being. It isn't something to be achieved. To achieve something means it will occur sometime in the future. Though one's enlightenment may take place in the future, it happens in the present moment. It takes a paradoxical outlook to understand this.…


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Personal Quotes

A golden ray of light shines ever so brilliantly upon those who sought, and therein the heart shall be of purity.  

Mastering oneself is to master that which is thy enemy, friend, and physical vehicle. 

Seek not that which you wish to find, seek that which cannot be…


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Discovering My Path

   I have unfolded in many ways, and it is through the unfolding process that I have discovered many great truths about myself. The path of knowledge is the path I walk, I do not wish to conceal my knowledge. I realize with some discomfort that the knowledge I already have, and that which is yet to come will often go unnoticed. Furthermore, I feel isolated knowing that in most social situations it is awkward to discuss such topics as hermeticism, religion, metaphysics or…


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