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Kriya Yoga: A scientific technique for rejuvenation

Kriya yoga Meditation - Rejuvenate All Cells and Tissues with time tested scientific Technique.

Directing the Entrance of our Life Force into the 'Divine Cave' through the Medulla Oblongata, and its flow into all parts of the body.


Kriyayoga - The True Meaning Of Pranam

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The Anatomy of Taoist Alchemy

Batson’s plexus is a venous channel which directs blood flow from the pelvis/sacrum back up the spine and up to the brain.

“The plexus comprises the intracranial-cortical veins, dural sinuses, cavernous sinuses and ophthalmic veins and the vertebral venous plexuses which…


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The Anatomical Secrets Of Mysticism & The Higher Evolution Of Man

The corpus callosum is the structure deep in the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres of the cerebrum, coordinating the functions of the two halves.

The fibrous white conductor material of the brain core, extending like a corona…


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Transmutation, Magnetism & Light

"Light is the living substance of Mind in action. It is the creating principle of the One substance.

The One substance is the etheric "spiritual" substance of the One universal Mind.

The entire "created" universe of all that is, ever has been, or ever will be, is but the One substance in motion, light."

"The material substance of Mind…


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Ancient Egyptian Mythology: A Model for Consciousness

Ancient Egyptian Mythology: A Model for Consciousness 

Drawing upon esoteric texts and her knowledge of ancient initiation rites, Dr. Cunningham discusses the diverse ways in which the ancient Egyptians conceptualized the "body." As she sh…


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