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The Embodiment of Supreme Bliss, The Embodiment of Transcendental Happiness, The Embodiment of Transcendental Wisdom, The One beyond duality, The One in Eternal Bliss, The…

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87-88. Abandoning the dark way, let the wise man cultivate the bright path. Having gone from home to homelessness, let him yearn for that delight in detachment, so difficult to enjoy. Giving up sensual pleasures, with no attachment, let the wise man cleanse himself of defilements of the…

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 When you rise to that height of Divine love; when you rise to such a degree that in your father, in your mother, in everybody, you see nothing but God; when you see, in the wife no wife, but the beloved One, God; then, indeed you do become God, then, indeed are you in the presence of…


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Paramahansa Yogananda

"Our real self, the soul, is immortal. We may sleep for a little while in that change called death, but we can never be destroyed. We exist, and that existence is eternal. The wave comes to the shore, and then goes back to the sea; it is not lost. It becomes one with the ocean, or returns again in the…


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Kirpal Singh

 “Soul is a conscious entity, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness, and in its miniature capacity carries all the divine attributes of Godhood. Since it is environed by mind and matter, it has lost its heritage and forgotten its origin, the true home of the Father. The Masters come to our help, to…


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Franklin Merrell-Wolff


Many aspirants, prominent among them Franklin Merrell-Wolff and Da Free John, were led to Brahmajnana (or God-realization attendant upon the spiritual energy reaching the seventh chakra) by the kundalini. Here is how Dr. Wolff described it:…


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Maura O'Connor, a student of the Kabbalah

Emptiness, what the kabbalists call ayin, exists far beyond concepts or language. It is like a pure ether that can never be grasped by the mind. ... Emptiness is the ultimate mystery, the secret of the Cause of Causes, and it brought everything into being. ...

I must tell you of the great rabbi, Isaac Luria. Luria was a…


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Lord Brahma said:

 "My dear Lord, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are the Supreme Soul. If one meditates upon Your transcendental body, You naturally protect him from all sources of fear, even the imminent danger of death."~Srimad Bhagavatam 7.10.29 …

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The self is called atman or soul

It is the microcosmic aspect of Brahman, smaller than an atom and vaster than the earth, the ether, the heavens and all the worlds, without qualities and having the same consciousness as that of Brahman. The self is subject to illusion, bondage and the laws of karma. When it achieves liberation it regains its true nature and either rejoins Brahman or exists eternally in its purest state. Different schools of…

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Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi

 Happiness is the very nature of the Self; happiness and the Self are not different. There is no happiness in any object of the world. We imagine through our ignorance that we derive happiness from objects. When the mind goes out, it experiences misery. In truth, when its desires are…


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