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Triggering Remembrances

I was just reading one of my first blogs here.  I talked about changing my name, and remembrances.  It certainly has happened.  So, time to share here, as I promised.

A few months ago, I changed my name on facebook to AstrandaLynn AngelStar Winborn.  AstrandaLynn was given to me in a meditation, and it very much confirms what I was given back in the 80's.  As I was given the name Astranda, sometime in the 80's, my mentor of Light, who I now believe was my Twin's Higher Self, gave me a…


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It's So Good to BE Back Again

It's been a long time since I've been here, due to all the problems I was having with computers and monitors. But I have a laptop now, which makes it so much easier and faster than having to do everything on my Android. 

I can see already I will be busy here.  I even joined three more groups which look absolutely fascinating.  I'll be studying about Animal Totems, Dragons, and Faeries.  I'll also be busy on my Twin Flames group, adding to that.  A lot has happened since I started that…


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Another Group, and I Just Started It Here

I am scattered all over the Internet, in groups all over facebook and elsewhere.  But, I felt led to start one here, too.  I feel like the Twin Flames Connection is too important to just keep on facebook, so I've started a group here, too.  And I'm planning to start one on ADDerworld, too.  I might even invite my friends from facebook here.  We have had a lot of good discussions there, and it might add a bit of Light and Love here too.  Anyway, it will give me something to do besides hanging… Continue

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There Are No Coincidences, Only Synchronicity

It is amazing to me how I am being led to find more pieces of the puzzle.  On one of the Soul Mate groups I belong to on facebook, I was led to another group, which had an article about the awakening of consciousness that is going on now.  And that article has a video that shows how science and religion are finally meeting in the middle and agreeing.  It ties together and validates things I have believed for years, even though my religion tried to make me deny it.  Now I see why I had to…


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The Second Coming of Christ? Or Christ Consciousness

As I awaken to my reality, and my purpose, I see things differently.  I am no longer engulfed in traditional Christian, or even Mormon, teachings.  I am tapping into the Universal teachings of other traditions, other religions.  And I am seeing the Christian and Mormon teachings in a different light.  Rather than taking things so literally in the Bible, I am seeing the symbolic and archetypal nuances.


Even such things as the Second Coming of Christ has a new symbolism to me. …


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The Natural Man/Woman: Enemy to God, or to the Church?

Most of my life, I've been dogmatized and traumatized by one form of Christianity or another.  Lately, I have been distancing myself from organized Christianity, listening to my own heart's counsel, and not so much to preachers.  I have been rather upset at what I've found.  I feel like I was boxed in under false pretenses, forced to follow out of fear, denied the unconditional love of God.  

This is something I wrote earlier today, on a forum on facebook.  It sums up what I have been…


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Time and 11

What is going on with time, and the number 11 in my life?  From what I've read it has something to do with Twin Flames/Soulmates, and with awakening.  Whatever it is, the phenomena is becoming more frequent.  I will often fall asleep at 11:11, or awaken at 11:11, or sometimes at 11:10 (111 seems to be a significant number, too).  And, if it isn't time, it will be me noticing something else, such as 11 people on chat, or 11 members in a discussion group. Even the story I wrote about Mark and…


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Our Story Was Just Published Today!

Twin Flame Stories


I am so excited! The story I wrote for Collapsing Duality: Twin Flame Stories was published online today. By some crazy synchronicity, it is #111.  Add to that the fact that the 11:11 phenomena started last night and continued today, and it's another sign that my Twin and I have found each other. 

For over a year, I've had a feeling that, in spite of…


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Different Levels on the Path

What a ride my soul is taking me on!  While still finding my way out of the Church, and being judged on facebook forums for that, I find the peace and beauty of my blog interrupted by a very loud rant, in the midst of peaceful and affirmative welcomes from fellow Seekers here, all on my first day! I hope he will understand when I delete that post, and I have invited him to be my friend. Or I may just leave his comment on my blog, as a reminder that we are all struggling with…


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And so another step on my path

I seem to be knocking over the boxes that have had me  imprisoned, as fast as new light can come to me.  I've even just now joined a new network of spiritual seekers. Impulsively, on this network, I have gone back to my New Age name, Astranda.  I wonder if that name will trigger remembrances, and energy changes as it once did.

It's funny how familiar that logo is to me. It reminds me of things I once knew very well.  I suppose the meaning will come back to me, as I further…


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