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u see stars, I see blackness splitting bars

Universe is alive

No death, we all going survive

Its just a ride, enjoy the drive

Do it like 42 laws

Not like slaves afraid of corporate jaws

Sandy's claws

Aint the life to live

Instead get with me in the hive

Past and future its all same

Learn quantum physics game

The secrets in the movie fame

Aint no secret

When u make a change

Shit aint strange

Its science

Its the secret bitches keep silence

Hood illuminati needs… Continue

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caution, dangerous

U r being lied to

U n your crew

Language can b a lock down

Caution, danger

Failed challenges will come around

Saturn is challenging the hounded

Chips in ya head, uve been branded

We are in a dream world

And its a straight up nightmare

Like the irish who were slaves

Public school teachers will never dare

Because they are the liars' airwave

Here's some pills, so u can behave

Now a zombie, uve become easier 2 kill

We are in the… Continue

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Best girls r friends

Living on their own threads

She doesnt bend

For niggas outta da pen

She knows real

She cares

Bout my fortune on da wheel

She calls

Wants to know if my family is well

Beautiful ladies isnt given to all

Majority females r dying

Ugly is what im seeing

Greed is killing da heart

Ignore real problems

When we all got it hard

Whats it going take in da jungle?

Props to real ladies dat recover da… Continue

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the war is on for the children of the corn

they have planned

now they are Striking

because Christ conscious has landed

kali yoga is ending

Don't miss it

christ is Kris

Krishna I have been missing u

Science knowledge is what I blew

into the brew

because I am Osiris yo'

Lord of the dead

to awaken up thoughts in your head.

An orginal avenger,

Just call me that ant man

Hood illuminati fights invaders

Been doing it longer than Peter pan.

hey every word has a… Continue

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be child like again

Love is only true way.

compassion and understanding.

come on let's begin the new days

corporation religion is only for slaves.

Every word in the bible is about meditation.

It's hood illuminati - the rise of the serpent nation.

cowboys versus Indians

- why are you listening to Hollywood?

They are feeding us Frankstien's food.

rude humor is killing the soul.

watch your character

you are heading down a anti Christ road.

Fuck fake Jesus… Continue

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no longer afraid of death

I used to fight death
And felt the demons
Fought to survive
Even when my mind had nothing left
This used to happen every season
To live longer
I had my reason
But i was living in ignorance
and that shit had me off balance
So i started welcome the pain
Of demons ripping my flesh
And i finally got it in the brain
Not demons, actually angels
Its wisdom bitten from the apple
Like judas, freeing me from my prison

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here comes the dayz

I am war.
That was before.
I am the movement.
The ice hitting the pavements.
I am the thunder
The hairless god
From the Olmec jungle.
That is tomorrow.
But I'm just staring out my window.
Finger thru the key hole disappears lock
Into the room I'm hearing knocks
Fear is going be there but can't stop
Til I find a mask man who is sitting on a rock.

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the long kiss goodbye before u die

once...unconditional love

the most beautiful of them all,

shinin' high up above

could had stay, couldn't stay away

just had to go and try freed 'em all from prison

how his good heart die, he never could in vision.

Their lies, their ways to forget him forever

brought down and killed the angel from heaven

he battles and fights back twenty four seven.

but love is dying, no longer can fly

yeah because of that the road is very rocky

if his love… Continue

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they are using old magic

to trick people into buying useless objects.

when it comes to new threads for illusion respects

the blue bird always rejects it.

wrongs get corrected, lessons are never neglected.

no matter how hard you try, wannabes can never reflect this.

that insect Anu, who sometimes fly, hear me?

can you see me? I AM good.

I AM kunalini energy throughout the hood.

some say I shouldn't try, but I would rather die.

Quote it, no dust… Continue

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Yesterday Never Happened


don't be another sheep going up the hill.

taking those dangerous doc's pills.

that never help, just make our parents iller.

and the radiation off Japan is still spilling.

and fluoride poison is what you're drinking.


We're all brothers and we should be a shame to what's happenin' to our sisters.

so few are true today, rest of them are stage… Continue

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unlocking the prison planet

I took two minds and made 'em into one and one into All.

Yeah, Hood Illuminati never crawls, always upright, never upside down like Paul.


love and suffering, that's my school.

until I got into that oil and bathe in its' pool.

Light, Christ and Consciousness, my soul is made up of suns.

Come forth from the darkness, spirit, and witness the son.

Getting to heaven while he is still alive.

Got that balance like… Continue

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the good die young

airplanes are falling out of the sky

so many are blind to the signs.

been writing about it for many years

when all i had was rhymes and story lines

it was so hard to look so crazy

but I had to get that busy.

time got short and the world died.

seeing people at the corners of my eye.

different cycle, different life.

and these plasma lights keep on passing by.

it's me - projecting from the future into the past to say hi

reminding me like the… Continue

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the voice inside dark city wars

they're trying hard to stop me.

ad block plus doesn't stop their designs

from popping up on my screen.

usually I give in, tired from work

gotta stop eating that pork.

we all got that fork in that road.

sadly, it's going to be a bumping one,

but just keep that conscious alive in your soul.

we gotta stomp to the funk again

used mediation to awaken our brains again

yea, love your ken, and fight for the families in the pen.

there is too many of… Continue

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looking back

The world is just a stage.

Just let it happened?

Do u engage?

Because there no stopping

the ice age.

the world is just a game.

they wanna distract you

with that money and fame.

because zombies receive nothing in life

oh in the day I am a slave

but at night I'm very alien like.

Climbing a tree like Mike

singing to the moon light

Because dreams do come true.

Figure it out

that it is all about you.

don't be a trick… Continue

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the roots

I went into hell

and built me a foundation.

can't get into ultraviolet illumination

by ripping up the seven nation army.

you don't know what I mean

you are living it as a zombie all day.

Have you seen me?

With seven lamps

sitting on god's throne.

I am wiping out all non virgins in camp.

oh they don't know

about these split personality egos.

It's a crazy path from Earth to heaven

truly I tell you

being responsible adult gets… Continue

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