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Awakening to Galactic - Time - Being the 13th Crystal Skull in harmony with the Elements

This 13-Moon Galactic Calendar system is a gift from the stars. It is designed to guide humanity beyond the cycle of History that ended in 2012, and lead us into a New Era of Harmony & Regeneration that is beginning to unfold in 2013.This sacred time-tool synchronizes our consciousness with galactic harmonies, helping us anchor new vibrations, new perceptions, and…


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Lion Gate Opening from August 8 thru to August 12 2013

Intense Light Activation the next four days.....the MerKaBa or Light Body is Purifying all in the Cosmos,…


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The Paradox of the Sacred Spiral


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Be A Blooming Human

Check out the great video!…


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It does not take much to be Kind: a full Heart

Our Instinct is Kindness. Be the Change you want to see in the world. What if we all took the Time to be Kind? An incredible video shows the impact of change. Please watch.

Video from…


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The Sirius Star System as the Source of Creation- the OM and how this music affects you : it is THE 9

Sirius A: Brightest visible star in the sky. Sirius B: Brightest X-ray source in the sky. Sirius A is the smaller image at the upper right.
Sirius A
Brightest visible star in the sky.
Sirius B
Brightest X-ray source in the sky.

Sirius A is the smaller image

at the upper…

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Are We to Lift as We climb? Is this Alchemy in action?

Please listen to the incredible video below that answers this quesiton will find solace as a light worker......

Is it the Light Worker’s gift and responsibility and freedom of speech to inspire…


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Is the stunning lack of Scientific/Historical/Religious Literacy of Americans a metaphor for the lack of inner literacy? Part 1

What do you say when you meet someone who does not know the earth revolves around the Sun or that Jesus was a Jew? Does it matter?

What do you think these surveys mean?

Despite the information explosion over the past ten…


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Pope Bene - Dreamed Out of Office - Nostradamus, John Lennon and I are not the only ones

Thank you Soul Forge for the information you collected and your thoughts about Pope Benedict's resigning. My response is a full blog not just a comment!!  Yes, we are definitely in the Time of the sacred 13. Ophiuchus is ALIVE. It is obvious after looking at the picture you posted with lightening striking the Vatican after Benedict's resignation that "God" did not like the two week notice Benedict gave.Ha Ha ;~)!! Or may…


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The Newly Discovered Red Rose Nebula

This Nebula and its name is a Valentine from the Chi energyMany cultures believe there is power in a name. She is called SH2-174! Not so romantic until we use the  the ancient language of HiBuRu (the Runes) I have extrapolated numerically with the Archetypes of the Tarot the meaning of Her name. …


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World Sound Healing Day February 14, 2013

Please Join in for the 11th annual Sound Healing Day at 12 noon. The video below gives info and the link to join millions across the globe in sending OM to Gaia.

It a nice way to send a lasting vibrational Valentine's Card to the one who sustains our life. …


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The Moon out of time is resetting Cosmic Resonance. There is a major recalibration going on. The Winged Serpent is Ophiuchus, the 13th Constellation. Oph is a winged serpent or dragon. In the name we see PHI the Golden Mean. Ophiuchus is the Snake Handler. Our Sun will…


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Declaration of Interdependence 12/12/12 – Day of Hope and Gratitude

12.12.12 will be a highly positively charged day leading up to the Solstice on

Dec 21, 2012. It is being called: WORLD DAY OF INTER-CONNECTEDNESS: .



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How Do You Answer the Call?

The Call ---by Oriah Mountain Dreamer (Nov 19, 2012)                       

I have heard it all my life,

A voice calling a name I recognized as my own.
Sometimes it comes as a soft-bellied whisper.
Sometimes it holds an edge of urgency.
But always it says:…

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Peace Day – the Archetype is 17 The Star…..and 8 Justice

Our Crown Chakra is afire…..with the Light that is Justice for All

We are Stardust


Song: Circle Of Stones

Artist: Tina Malia

Album: Shores Of Avalon


This night

Come dance

In the fire

Come alive…


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Can’t Sleep Thru the Night? Could be because You are Waking Up!

How many of these 51 Spiritual Awakening symptoms do you have?

We are Birthing the very Lightness of our Beingness


Top of the list is nightly interrupted sleep patterns - sudden waves of emotion throughout the day - feeling periodic bursts of energy at the…


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