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Highly Sensitive Adults - may only be 20% of population according to Science- May our tribe increase!!

Take an insightful survey to ascertain your vibrational sensitivity levels below. :~)))

Psychologist Elaine Aron in her book The Highly Sensitive Person says that “highly sensitive” adults make up approximately 15 to 20 percent of the population.


These are people who sense things that are unobserved by others, have a deep understanding of any environment and its problems and potentials, and often need more space and time to process the amount of…


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Charter for Compassion

Charter for Compassion -    On February 28, 2008 Karen Armstrong won the TED Prize and made a wish: for help creating, launching and propagating a Charter for Compassion. Since that day, thousands of people have contributed to the process so that on November 12, 2009 the Charter was unveiled to the world. Please sign if you feel so aligned: There is a link below to sign this Charter that now includes more than…


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How does it Feel to be the Light? You are the Light of the World.

Being Light: The act of absolving; "absolving" is defined as: to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt; to remit:  to lay aside partly or wholly. By Sacred Sarah

Only through absolution will you reach the Absolute.

Absolution knows no wrong doing.  Absolution sees only mutual experience.  It clears the way for conscious aligning of hearts.  It removes any…


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Sing The Song Of Your Soul

Sing the song of your soul.

Let it soar on the wings of your spirit.

Live the tune of your love so loud

all the world will take notice and hear it.


The gift of your very presence

marks your place as a person of worth.

Rejoice and be ever grateful

for the days of your journey…


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Essene Earth Blessing

Honoring the Light - the Giver of Life

Blessed are the Sons and Daughters of Light who know their Mother Earth.

She is the Giver of Life.

Acknowledge that you are a part of your…


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What IS Enlightenment? Course in Miracles calls it: Peace.

ENLIGHTENMENT – Is it Peace?  

It is said one can know a thing by what it is not. We have plenty of evidence to support that across the world and in every sector. But there also is the growing reality, a consciousness, lifting out of this illusion that not only wants a world that is based on Justice, respect, for All but is working for it!! Many say the way to Justice is Peace. This is the focus that will produce the results we want.


So what it…


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What one Crop Circle is saying

Ten years ago one crop circle spoke in letters.  This information that I received in terms of how to understand it...also speaks volumes. I am a Rune Scholar and use the Uthark way of interpreting these energy Icons. Runes are way older than Scandinavia. They can be traced to the Star Sirius.

This is the original language of energy. any Icon on your computer opens window after window. Many languages can be traced as having their roots in the Runic…


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New Translation of the Old Lord's Prayer

The following is a translation of "Our Father" directly from the Aramaic into English (rather than from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English.)   This was sent to me from the International Association of…


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The Reed Flute Song by Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Rumi was considered one of the greatest literary geniuses because “he addresses the most important subject that can be addressed: the human beings relationship with the Divine, with Truth itself. He penetrated to the Heart of Reality and returned with the fragrance and flavor of…


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My Answer to Dumbledore about Being a Flute

Remembering to be a Flute – My essay

“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Professor Dumbledore.


Dearest Dumbledore,

 Krishna was True Blue.  He, a…


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Being a Flute to express the Divine Music of Life

Symbolism of Krishna's Flute – author unknown

The flute of Krishna.

Krishna is pictured in Hindu symbology with a crown of peacock's feathers, playing the flute. Krishna is the ideal of divine love, the…


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Remembering a Great Man: Vaclav Havel.


Vaclav Havel was a Poet, Playwright, once jailed for his political views then became President of Czechoslovakia. He led the Velvet Revolution.

 His slogan was: “Truth and love must prevail over lies and hate.”  .


This is from Mike from Brooklyn who echoed my feelings:

Seldom am I moved by the passing of…


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What is Consciousness? ION’s Dialogue with Stuart Hameroff, MD

Ed. Note: In the following dialogue, excerpted and edited from the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ teleseminar series “Essentials of Noetic Science,” IONS President Marilyn Mandala Schlitz talks with Stuart Hameroff, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Director for the Center for…


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A True Story of Enchanted Christmas Magic

A True Story of Enchantment

 This magic came to me during a time when I was first learning to flex (trust) my heart muscle (intuition) to override what seems sensible so as to be in the Field of Dreams where all is possible. There is magic in the telling:

  At the beginning of the Christmas Season of 1993, my first year in California, I had sent all of my gift packages back East. Therefore this Christmas Eve Day, I…


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Numbers Are Everything

 Numbers are Everything– Pythagoras


Truth is one. Sages call it by different names. Vedas


It is the height of irony what I know now about numbers. I will be publishing next year a book worth or two of information concerning numbers as well as on music which is all number and how it relates to the well being of our body.


Also I have made a rather remarkable unique discovery about the…


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New Discovery: The Clown Chakra

This info below on the Clown Chakra was adapted from a previously published piece by Anonymous to bring Peace. Sounds like something Swami Beyondana might have written!

Please  note: Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and author of Biology of Belief will definitely agree with this contribution from Anonymous!!  FYI: Dr. Lipton's book is all the rage. His research is making traditional scientists mega angry as they know the jig is finally…


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