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Galactic Alignment for today's solstice

For those of you who really want to know what is going on today - physically within our planet and the universe, I suggest that you go to 14:50 0r Chapter 2 in this video and watch chapter 2 & 3. This will show you the galactic allignment…


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Iraq, Annunaki & Pearl Harbor

Iraq, Annunaki & Pearl Harbor


This is a most interesting read -

Iraq, Annunaki & Pearl Harbor


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The Dogon and Creation

The Dogon   

For some time now, I have been most interested in how evil entered the world.  OK - I know the Kybalion and that this is a planet of dualities but that has not satisfied my interest in this.  After reading the various theories of Michael Tsarian and his concepts, along with various others on Atlantis and this subject, I still wanted more.  Imagine my surprise at discovering a woman named…


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The Olympics Opening and NWO Symbolism

The Olympics and NWO Symbolism

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Blood Sacrifice at the Aurora, the Olympics and 007

Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, the London Olympics and 007 

Someone just sent me this vid and I am posting it here for comments.  Thankse London Olympics and 007

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Finally - there is a TV program that is a joy to watch



Each episode deals with how we are all related and the synergy that exists between humans today with its mix of spirituality and science, familial and global struggles.  Narrated by an 11 year old boy who is unnervingly matter-of-fact about the nature of the universe, it takes on more power when he reveals that in 11 years, he has never spoken a word.  The show operates on the…


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Characteristics of the Rays -

Characteristics of the Rays.

by Benjamin Creme

Summary:The virtues and vices of the rays as given by the Master D.K through Alice A. Bailey in Esoteric…


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New Galaxy Discovered - an interesting post for the winter solstice


Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / STScI-ESA / Y. Ono (Univ. of Tokyo) and B. Weiner (Univ. of Arizona)
Images showing the location of GN-108036 in Hubble and Spitzer space telescope images.…


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Happy Winter Solstice, everyone

Winter Solstice  by Jordan Maxwell

On the round surface of the yearly calendar, you can draw a straight line directly across the middle, cutting the circle in half... one end being the point of the winter solstice; the other end…

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Lady Gaga & what is really Happening in "Marry the Night"

From Mind Control to Superstardom: The Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Marry the Night”

MaMarry the Nightrr…


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How the Illuminati Uses Secret Knowledge & Numerology for evil results

On 3-19 (sum of numbers equals 13), 2003 at 9:31 (sum of numbers equals 13) PM EST in the 3rd week of the 3rd month of the 3rd year of the new millennium, the Illuminati oil mafia attacked Iraq under the banner of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

The assault was conducted by US and British troops, with the Israelis receiving real time intelligence throughout the war. 

  • When Bush appeared on national television to announce the invasion, he appeared before a black flag…

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(noun) - A vanitas painting

was a particular type of still life immensely popular in the Netherlands (and

Paris, to a lesser extent), beginning in the 17th century.  The phrase comes to us

courtesy of a Biblical passage in Ecclesiastes, in which the Hebrew word

"hevel" was incorrectly taken to mean "vanity of vanities". But for this slight mistranslation, the term would rightfully be known as a "vapor painting". Be that as it may…


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Sin - eater (just in time for Halloween :-)


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia…


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