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I see the sun in the sky,

 I see it dance in the horizon.

How I wish I could shine like you,

king of the sky.


I float on the waves of our mother

I feel them wash my soul from filth

How I am thankful to learn from you

Healer of healers under the sky.


I fly with the birds between clouds of silk.

I know that they are me and I am them.

How mesmerized I am, by your endless oceans.

Ominous Gebeleizis.


On your thighs I wonder aimlessly for eons

I know that I belong to this world

How honored I am to be your servant.

Mother of all there is, I shall protect your flame.

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Comment by Metatron Thoth Hermeticum on June 29, 2020 at 7:21pm

Who is more the fool? the fool? or the fool that follows the fool? awesome poem Anki...

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