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A Few Words from Astrologer Mark Amaru Pinkham about 11/11/11:

Everything about 11:11 shouts Hathor, Hathor, Hathor! The day itself falls on a Friday, which is ruled by Hathor's planet Venus, and it arrives with the Moon just past full in Taurus, which is Hathor's zodiacal sign. Thus, the loving, nurturing and celebratory energies of Hathor, the Cow Neter/Goddess, will be especially strong throughout the day on 11:11. Moreover, these celestial influences will be greatly enhanced by the auspicious Grand Trine in Earth signs that will have simultaneously formed between Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. And, if that is not enough, the Moon will also be transiting that region of Taurus where the Pleiades is located. While doing so, the Moon will capture and beam uplifting and activating spiritual Light directly from the Seven Sisters to all humanity. 

Mark is a Director of the North American Commandery of the International Order of Gnostic Templars, a branch of the Scottish Knight Templars, which is headed by Knights Templar Priest Ian Sinclair of Clan Sinclair, the builders of Rosslyn Chapel.  They are currently assisting Ian Sinclair in spreading the Gnostic rites and mysteries of the Knights Templar around the world in order to complete the work of the ancient Knights, the union of East and West spirituality, Ian Sinclair and Clan Sinclair have been intimately associated with the secret mysteries of the Knights Templar since the founding of the Order in 1118 A.D.  They built Rosslyn Chapel to hold both the secret wisdom and priceless treasures of Knights. 



Tom Kenyon is doing a world meditation one 11.11.11 and you are invited to participate. 

More information can be found here:

Transmissions of Light

The World Meditation on 11/11/11

For those of you who choose to join us energetically, wherever you are, during the World Meditation on November 11, 2011, we ask that you work with this Attunement on a regular basis. The more familiar you are with this Attunement, and the more comfortable you are with its subtle effects, the more you will gain from the World Meditation when it takes place.

During this World Meditation, the Attunement sequence will be repeated seven times for the group gathered in Seattle for this event. They will be holding the physical focus for this World Meditation, but the energetic of the Meditation, as well as the three-day gathering in Seattle, will transcend both time and space.  In other words, you can enter into profound states of inner awareness during the event, regardless of where you might physically be.

Dates and Times

The actual World Meditation, itself, will run from 9 pm until 10 pm November 11th PST. (Note: This is 5 am – 6 am  Saturday, November 12, GMT.)

If you choose to ride the energetic during this specific hour-long meditation, we suggest you listen to the Attunement seven times and then sit in silence for twenty to thirty minutes with your attention in the area of your pituitary. If possible, we suggest that you then lie down and rest.

The transformational energies around this Meditation will extend for a three-day period, which will begin at 7 pm on November 11th PST and continue until November 13th at 4 pm, PST.  Meditation on the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement will be particularly potent during this time period. (To find your time corollary go to

We are releasing this Pituitary Dimensional Attunement at a propitious and precarious time in the ascent of human consciousness.  We do so with the hopes that it will assist you to reclaim your sovereign will as co-creators.  It is also our view that this particular Attunement will serve you as a transformational tool for many years into your future.

Of all the Dimensional Attunements we have given, this one is our most treasured.

During its creation, this Attunement was birthed from, and infused with, transformational energies from the 5th through the 12th dimensions of our interdimensional reality.

By its very nature, this Attunement carries a subtle yet potent evolutionary energy. Many of you will use this Attunement to more clearly see the mystery of how you co-create your realities. And as the veils that separate physical reality from subtle realities part, you will awaken to a new vision of yourself, as well as a new understanding of your place in the cosmos.”

The Hathors
September 27, 2011

Click here to listen to or download the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement  Note: After you click on the above link, you will be taken to the Listening Agreement in the Sound Gifts section. After agreeing to the terms, you can listen to and/or download the audio file as you wish.

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Comment by Sunmover on October 24, 2011 at 9:58am
It seems Magus that human / planetary consciousness will change without any effort or 'activations' on our part.  All that is asked of us is to move into love and respect for all life forms and the life giving energies or the Earth itself.   I think when large groups get together with an intention they can bring about change.  When I attended Tom Kenyons 'Opening the halls of Amenti' last year there were over 600 in attendance and I/2 million around the world that tuned I wonder what effect that had on the  planet?
Comment by Sunmover on October 22, 2011 at 2:46pm
hahahahaha...too funny.   But I guess when a lot of people put their minds in a specific  time /space to co-ordinate then that in itself will have some benefit by intention.
Comment by Sunmover on October 22, 2011 at 12:19pm
Astrologically speaking Sky what do you think of this date?
Comment by Sunmover on October 21, 2011 at 11:56am
Whoops............I just remembered that I have a  much younger half sister who is born on that day also........
Comment by Sunmover on October 21, 2011 at 11:54am
hahahahaha I see he has made a typo.  This was sent out in his newsletter, and maybe has now been corrected......The thing with Tom is that he doesn't like any changes being made to his work........but I've corrected that.    Your husbands birthday Norma is a great excuse for you to celebrate your life spent with him............wink   hahahaha

Comment by Jolan ☯ on October 21, 2011 at 9:01am
: D !
Comment by Sunmover on October 21, 2011 at 6:01am
Pre 11-11-11 By: Zack Covell   HILDA ASTEROIDS - JUpiTer ZeUS

--This is a dynamical group of bodies, made up of asteroids which are in a 2:3 orbital resonance with Jupiter.

NOTICE the shape formed by the mapped Jupiter asteroids match 432 hz music cymatics...?

Thirty years ago, we knew of just 8,954 within our solar system. Today, we have discovered 530,091 - forming a green 'eye' of minor planets.

Mr Manley, a former research student at Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland, said: 'The images are created by using the known orbits of the asteroids to figure out where they've been on a day-to-day basis.

'Just like we can figure out where the Earth, Mars and Venus have been, we can do the same with anything orbiting the sun.

'Manley created maps for every day over the last 30 years - that's about 11,000 images - then I combined them to make a video.'

Asteroid Discovery From 1980 - 2010


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