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They say they a hell they say its heaven in progress.


That first splash of water, I felt like I was drowning.

Would a mother kill her own in sadism?

An icy plunge meant to torture or to awaken?

Seeking perfection in clouds I forgot to stop and smell the dirt.

Was it my fault that I failed to see that the true seduction was not

of a child seeking the fallible breast of another ego,

but of a spark seeking the ground of self-knowledge and self-love.

The Book of the Body written in metaphors that are not.

'The Book of the Earth, whos canon stands above man, with a primitive sophistication that turns sages into fools and fools into sages.

There rivers and trees and bees and fruits between her pages.

Barefooted saftey that challeges the arrogant

We climb mountains to conquerer her

And the  mountains turn us into dust

And we fall and fall fearing and punching the wind

Until the ground catches us once again.

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