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A little about the constitution of man.

Before we can realize spiritual truths we must first have a basic understanding of spiritual structure. This channeling is as regards the specifics of a human being.

Everyone will perhaps agree that the physical is the lowest of the observable realms. It is not self sufficient however. The spiritual universe is that which lays behind and energizes it. Physical matter, all of it, is a combination of physical and ethereal. This includes the simplest of biological life forms. At some point in which animal life develops emotional expressiveness these first two are joined by the next highest level, the astral/emotional. Observe any animal which can be emotional and know that it is expressing through the first three levels of existence.

Then comes the higher of the animals, what we call the mammals. These, in addition to the first three, now are capable on the next higher plane, the mental. The lowest expressiveness of the mental in animals is seen in those animals which seem to have the ability to think. Domestic canines and felines for example are among these. These are indeed self conscious. Next comes humanity. We humans are capable on all the lower levels but in the mental we reach higher than even the top tier of the animals. Most of us are functional on up to the fourth subplane of the mental. We have the capacity for abstract thought which we use to create on the lower levels. We envision and then we build.

Now a word about the existence of souls. Souls are universal. The word refers to that bit of "spirit" which sustains and “informs” a lower expression. Souls ARE "life". But here I mean more than biological life. A single subatomic particle has a soul. Animals have animal souls. Humans have human souls. Although there are times when souls will transmute, achieving a form a ascension these are NOT generally interchangeable. These workings are under the watchful eyes of our master human and post human souls whose business it is to guide the evolutionary processes of our planet.

We will set the lower aside and talk about human souls. They are constructed of mostly mental matter. High mental matter. Too high for the typical human being to use while incarnated in flesh. The human soul does "inform" the body but only by connecting to it with a small amount of it's energy. Now the stage is set to take a close look at humanity. The important thing in this is to realize that our souls are in no way resultant from, dependent upon or subservient to our bodies.

We are souls with temporary bodies. The personality of a man is nothing to do with the soul but rather is a product of the physical brain through genetics and experience on earth as further conditioned by the astrological influences at the time of birth. It is interesting to note here that when a baby takes it’s first breath it is more than just air that is inhaled. The baby’s ethereal body also begins to breathe and this is what determines the “conditioning” that will stay with the new person for the rest of it’s life. Whatever lower spiritual influences, radiations, rays that are dominant, strongest at that moment are imparted. This is why a birth time is so essential in astrology. This fact is not something that is well known among astrologers. Many know of the importance of the birth place and time but they do not know exactly why. But everything is tied together into a cohesive whole. Our ethereal bodies are alive just like our physical ones. They too respire, breathe every moment of every day. This is the business of the chakras. The Earth also has chakras and so does our solar system. All, man to system, are inter-connected. It is interesting to note here that these little connective devices are the means by or through which that which we call psychic ability is possible. If the Earth had no spiritual planes to act as conductive mediums there would be no such thing as ESP. We would all be quite uninteresting. The channeling that is in play now is possible only because the channeler has chakras adequate to the task.

Those who claim reincarnation is false doctrine are correct because the personality lives only ONCE. Those who claim reincarnation is true are also correct because The soul is much different as it resides on the high mental plane. The soul projects time and again into new bodies and personalities which live and then die. Human souls are not eternal in the common sense of the word but they are, in a practical sense. Thee is much more to be said about this idea. An important point follows. The soul is not in any way subservient to the personality. There is nothing a personality can do that will cause a soul to be "lost" or "forever condemned". It follows then that there is no hell. There is only the spirit world where we came from and where we return to we return to after physical death. There is no punishment. There is only life, lessons to be worked through, new opportunities with needed adjustments and eventual “ascension”.

As always there is much, much more to this story.


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