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Don’t ask me why, listen to your own answers.

Do question others, but follow your own spirit guides.

Take the time to recognize your own reality

and understand that each one of us has our own path to travel.


Your instincts are valid, so don’t try to rationalize the relational causes and

effects; those laws that allow our ship to sail wherever we determine.

Lo, we are captain of this vessel.


We create our own reality, so utilize positive affirmations.

We self destruct when supplication seems to be a logical course.

The world is falsely following rationality,

but intuition can guide us and preserve our own unique individual inheritance;

the life force that dwells within us.

Balance between all living things will assure our survival and growth,

and our wondrous, natural resources must be part of this balance.

Our true Mother, this wonderful earth, will protect us if we protect that which is h

hers.  Otherwise, through caprice and folly, there will be no balance; and our

Mother will have no choice but to protect herself against her rebellious offspring.


So remember that the center of our universe begins with each of us; and, as we

strive to reach those things that are noble and just---without prejudice, without

violence, without hatred, without fear, without malice, manipulation or

exploitation, we will begin to understand the nature of it all; and we will be

blessed as true manifestations of all that is holy and good.





c. CKEVN, 1989.

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Comment by ckevn on December 20, 2010 at 8:45pm

Thank you for posting, Chris;  you make a very good point; things are not always what they first might seem...~BB~

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