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A Survivor's Testimony: article by Kim Campbell Jul 16, 2000

I wanted to share an article that I believe is both inspiring and courageous, by someone who is in the process of healing from ritual abuse. This article is being reprinted here with the permission of the author, Kim Campbell. My hope is that it will help educate as well as give hope to others. svali

Note: This article contains discussion of ritual abuse and Christianity.

April 1999


My name is Kim Campbell. I am a forty-nine year old man living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am happily married; I practice medicine as a Physicians Assistant, and I am a member of Morning Star Testimony Church, Tulsa. Over the past several years, I have also learned how very true it is that I am a Christian by choice.

In April 1993, I learned that I was DID. I learned almost immediately that I was born into a satanic family and was raised in the culture known as SRA. To say the least, my deliverance from this culture was a major test in my life. The past several years have been difficult, but I believe I was substantially resolved about three years ago. But the crisis of my life has marked the beginning of an authentic faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Lord of my life, something I have deeply desired but that has eluded me all my life.

This short essay is my testimony, which I first wrote in 1995. I want this to be an instructive piece for Shield of Faith Ministry of Minneapolis, who has invited me to speak and share with them this coming May. I, most of all, offer this as a testimony of the Lord God's love for me and for all the rest of the Body of His Son. I am utterly amazed at Him - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and His rightful commitment to His own glory as God, a glory that He delights to share with me as His son. Me, of all people!! Amazing grace, indeed.

In my satanic ancestry, I came from two families. My public family were hardy West Texans who taught me how to tie my shoes, do arithmetic, be polite - all the normal things most parents do for their children. A knowledgeable observer would have seen the depression, the switching, and the disordered attachment behaviors, but in a way I was fortunate. I escaped being misdiagnosed as ADD and placed on Ritalin. For all appearances, I was a typical (although very odd) child.

However, beneath this public veneer, I lived as a direct descendant of a very old culture, which has survived in an underground form for several thousand years, a culture as old as mankind itself. In this culture, people worship satan as god, and the form of the worship and the entire lifestyle, as old as it is, is steeped in deep violence. As a participant in this culture, I was exposed to every abuse, trauma, and demonization imaginable within satanism. The culture is unbelievably and ingeniously evil; virtually everything about this culture is humanly damaging. And I responded in the same way children do (and would) in this culture. I dissociated.

Over the course of my life I experienced trauma as an infant to sharpen my dissociative potential, coerced violence both as victim and perpetrator, high-tech medically-based mind control programming here in the US, often in government facilities and clinics, and at the Tavistock Institute in the UK, and participation (via indoctrination into the Kaballa, culminating in a series of occult initiations) into the oldest, most pristine form of satanism, the old Sumero-Akkadian Babylonian mystery religion. Layer after layer, all these disaggregated identities were built and crafted to become my personality.

Inherent in this culture is the presence and power of demonic spirits, and they became an integral part of my life and even my being. In a culture addicted to power, demonic spirits offered the ultimate power trip. If, in American culture, people are addicted to comfort, status, and prestige, in satanic culture, people are addicted to demonic power.

Satanism has pervaded western civilization. Satanism is the foundation of all we would regard today as paganism in ancient and contemporary forms. It has been growing for thousands of years, quietly weaving its way through the very fabric of the culture and the power structures of the nations in the West. It has adherents in all walks of life, in all incomes, and all social strata. It has exerted a profound influence on the intellectual life of the west for the past several hundred years. Their thoughts and writings have shaped Western civilization from the Greek philosophers through Augustine, Aquinas, the christian mystics of the thirteenth century, and much of the charismatic movement of today. Descartes, Spinoza, Kant, the philosophers of the Enlightenment. and many others arose from satanic culture. Polynesian religion, animism, spiritism, American Indian religion, Mayan and Incan culture, ancient Egyptian culture, and Greek religion all grew out of satanism. To think that satanic culture is only about abuse is a fundamental misunderstanding of satanism and the role of dissociation in human history. Satanism has influenced politics, economics, art and music, through the spiritual-psychological process called dissociation, and dissociation is as old as human culture itself.

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