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A test for suitability to enter the Elysian Fields

By Tagma:: Ermeas:: TrisMegistos:: 

Since only Homo Androgynous (androgynous human – complete human), meaning the person who has realized and has accepted all of his aspects, may enter into the Elysian Fields, the Alchemical theory can practically help and assess the esoteric progress of a seeker with the following interactive reaction which is an experiential exercise*:

According to the Platonic view, the complete human is consisted by the sum of two people fused back to back.

So, from a group of esoteric seekers, two are chosen randomly to represent the conscious and unconscious part of a third esoteric seeker (who will be assessed for his ability to enter the Elysian Fields) and these two seekers/parts stand back to back without facing each other.


The gender of the esoteric seekers does not matter in this work, because the only thing that matters is their emotional charge.


Another esoteric seeker is again chosen randomly to represent the Guardian of the Elysian Fields (Underworld).


Since according to the Pythagorean tradition, the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the Guardian stands opposite the seeker who embodies the conscious part and constantly looks them in the eyes.


The Guardian has no eye contact with the seeker who embodies the unconscious part.


Then, the Guardian of the Elysian Fields asks the seeker who is the conscious part some questions and the one who replies is the seeker who embodies the unconscious part (the conscious part never speaks).


At the end, the Guardian decides upon the truthfulness of the answers and accordingly allows the two parts (and hence the seeker they represent) to enter or not the Elysian Fields.

The setup


Create a state of Elysian Fields, meaning a situation which everyone agrees is Celestial.
​The Celestial state should be something simple, so it may be easily found.

An esoteric seeker willingly comes forth wanting to test their ability to enter the Elysian Fields.


Then a triad of seekers is selected randomly (e.g. from a lottery) who will embody the three roles:

  1. the conscious part of the seeker,
  2. the unconscious part or the seeker,
  3. the Guardian of the Elysian Fields.


The Guardian sits in front of the entrance to the Elysian Fields.

The other two roles stand back to back with the conscious part facing the Guardian.

The unconscious part must never make eye contact with the Guardian, so that the Guardian’s influence on this part as a Super-Ego is kept at minimal.

Particular attention must be given so that the Guardian is always looking into the eyes of the conscious part.

Then the Guardian asks the conscious part some questions.

The Guardian chooses if the questions should be prepared in advance or be inspired at that moment; in any case, the questions always come from the Guardian.

A reasonable number of questions in order to check the ability of a seeker to enter the Elysian Fields is five (5).

As mentioned above, the answers are given only by the unconscious part, which never sees the Guardian.

The Guardian decides whether the responses are truthful and therefore if the seeker being tested will enter the Elysian Fields.

At the end follows a conversation between the members of the whole group on the experiences and realizations made by everyone involved.

Sample Questions


  • Have you ever rejected, in your thoughts or by your actions, other people for what they are?
  • Have you ever acted in a way that it is not in accordance with your nature, in order to be accepted by the people who surround you?
  • Have you ever deceived someone for your own benefit?
  • Have you ever exploited someone in order to acquire something which rightfully would not belong to you?
  • Have you ever thrown away food instead of keeping it, in order to eat it later, and so with the money saved you could help people in hunger ?

* The Tagma Ermeas TrisMegistos:: can demonstrate the above technique free of charge by sending its specialized Members, to any Esoteric Organization that wishes it, to any part of the world.
The above technique does not interfere with any Esoteric Order’s specific Rites and Rituals.​

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Comment by Philippos Tleemon on August 19, 2020 at 1:11pm

@peter henry daley thank you very much for your suggestion. Please feel free to contact me for anything else.

Comment by peter henry daley on August 18, 2020 at 9:04pm

There is a formula for entering the Elysian Fields in the Emerald tablets offered by Thoth in the Egyptian language. Some elements are in funereal text of the "Book of the Dead".

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