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The A.M.M.A.C.H. is a Anomalous  Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline for MILABS and victims of this kind thing in the UK.......these witnesses  have bravely come forward to tell their story in public, so this can be highlighted and explored, and others helped.

Is this a part of the disinfo alien  threat by inter dimensional beings or is it genuine extra terrestrial interaction...........




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Comment by Sunmover on October 26, 2011 at 10:04am
Simon Parkes discusses his highly detailed and complex contacts with Extra & Interdimensional beings called Mantis, and the Greys and Reptilians. In Part 1 of this highly detailed interview on Mantis Alien contactee Simon Parkes, we discuss the details of his early life with Reptilians, Greys and the Mantis nonhuman extra-dimensional beings.
Continues with .... a regression in Part 4.

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