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Acceptance is the basis of the Esoteric Path

Through the adversities of life, we are called to remain always in contact with the here and now and react according to circumstances.

It is very important that we are always on alert and never founder in the mud of fear, sorrow, force of habit or intransigence.

When found in situations that we consider rejective or frustrating, we are asked to act and not freeze in withdrawal.

​Every adult has to be able to take rejection as well as frustration and move on in life always being in contact with the here and now of the moment. 

An even more advanced level of consciousness is the avoidance of rejection or frustration.

Practically, this means that when our adult part realizes that a situation in which the child inside us has the tendency to lead us there, is rejective or frustrating, then we should avoid it altogether.

Always being in contact with the here and now.

The result of this is that we do not experience rejection or frustration.

However, there is still another state which is hard to attain, even though it is so important.

This is the state of provocation.

It is possible that a situation beneficial to our psychic and intellectual level appears to us under the cloak of rejection or frustration and, more specifically, with the mask of challenge.

In such a case, first of all we have to be absolutely sure that it is a challenge, because if it isn’t, we run the risk of plunging into idleness.

Therefore, if we are sure that this is a challenge and not a rejective or frustrating situation, then we are called to develop the utmost Intellectual Virtue of Patience.

In fact, having learned through introspective work and pain to react, it is very hard for us to remain actively patient in challenging situations.

Having spent a lot of energy in order to act, we are now asked to be patient.

It is quite natural that our entire psychic system reacts.

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