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One of the things that interests me most is usually not the description of the NDE itself. I believe that each experience is generated from within the "core," the part of us that exists eternally, and is therefore unique. One of the reasons it so often matches up with the individual's spiritual beliefs, or what they have been exposed to in that vein.

I set out to write the story of my experience, a suicide by overdose that I could not have medically survived, that sent me beyond The Light and back, mostly because of what happened as a result. The course of my life was dramatically changed. How I interacted and integrated with the world was different. The complexities of that journey turned it into a trilogy of books.

The journey was, and is, the product of something akin to a chain reaction. One action begets the next, influences the next, and changes our direction in some way.

Different things become important to us. Fitting in with the crowd, being what my friend Mal called being a drone, has no appeal. It is almost repulsive. We are driven to blaze our own trail, and I believe it is one that leads us towards what we truly seek.

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