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Another Group, and I Just Started It Here

I am scattered all over the Internet, in groups all over facebook and elsewhere.  But, I felt led to start one here, too.  I feel like the Twin Flames Connection is too important to just keep on facebook, so I've started a group here, too.  And I'm planning to start one on ADDerworld, too.  I might even invite my friends from facebook here.  We have had a lot of good discussions there, and it might add a bit of Light and Love here too.  Anyway, it will give me something to do besides hanging out and indulging my facebook ADDiction. ;)

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Comment by Astranda on August 20, 2011 at 12:27am
I guess I'm on the right track.  I just noticed that this post has been viewed 11 times!  There's that synchronicity again. :)

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