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Astronomers have discovered another mysterious ghost circle in the outer space of the Milky Way

We have discovered a large ghost circle in the extragalactic universe, which allows us to understand more clearly what the real mysterious structure is.

This odd-numbered radio circle, called ORCJ0102-2450, only joins a few previously discovered space clusters. Due to the small sample size, the new discovery adds important statistical data, indicating that these celestial bodies may be related to galaxies in some respects.

Tens of thousands of people have stared at the sky for thousands of years, but even so, the universe still has many secrets. ORC-This peculiar radio circle was not discovered until last year. It was collected by an Australian Pathfinder (ASKAP) in 2019. He is one of the most sensitive radio telescopes in the world.

As their name suggests, they are obviously huge circles, with relatively weak light at radio wavelengths, and their edges look brighter, like bubbles. Although ring objects are quite common in space, ORC does not seem to exist.

Subsequently, observations using different telescope arrays confirmed that two of the first three ORCs were correct, but soon the fourth was found in data collected by another instrument. So we can be sure that these are not caused by ASKAP burrs or artifacts, nor are they caused by local phenomena in the telescope (such as the Morjan microwave oven).

Because the ORC distance is not known, it is difficult to measure its size, but finding more ORCs can provide us with more clues. Here, ORCJ0102-2450 can enter pictures.

From 2019 to December 2020, ASKAP conducted a series of continuous radio observations. To find ORC, CSIRO astronomer B rbel Koibalski and a team led by the University of Western Sydney in Australia synthesized eight radio continuum images. The results showed that the object was too weak to be seen in one or two images.

The combined data shows a weak ring. Comparing the observation results of other surveys, it is found that there is no radiation of any other wavelengths except radio, which helps to exclude certain radiation sources.

But what is interesting is what the research team discovered when the ORC center almost exploded: an elliptical radio galaxy called DESJ 010224.33-245039.5.

This may be a coincidence-last year, an elliptical radio galaxy exploded in the middle of the other two ORCs. The researchers said that the probability of finding a wireless power source that randomly coincides with the ORC center is one in percent—finding three of them is not important.

This circle may be related to an elliptical radio galaxy. As we all know, radio galaxies generally have radio lobes. They are huge elliptical structures that only emit radio wavelengths that extend to both sides of the galaxy's nucleus. One possibility is that ORC is the fragments observed from the end, so they look round.


The researchers also found that the huge shock wave product from the central galaxy, but it must be a real giant, a black hole formed by the merger of two similar super-larges.

When the above two situations occur, the connection with the galaxy can help us determine the size of the ORC. In J0102-2450 ORC, we know the distance from DES J 010224.33-245039.5. This distance is about 980,000 light years, which is about ORCJ0102-2450 light years. If you can determine its size, you can learn more about radio lobes or explosion waves.

The researchers believe that the third possibility is the interaction between the radio galaxy and the interstellar medium, which may be related to DESJ 010224.33-245039.5, although this seems unlikely to form an observable ring.

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Although the sample size is still small and we are not sure, the findings of the ORCJ0102-2450 project provide some promising directions for future observation and analysis.

If we can find more ORCs, they can help astronomers determine their universality and discover more similarities between them, thereby further narrowing their potential formation mechanisms.

They noted that low-frequency radio observations and X-ray observations are particularly noteworthy fotbollströjor.

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