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I've been practicing awareness while doing my door knocking job and found it useful for making the time go quicker, relaxing me and promoting an alternative sense of awareness.

As I walked from door to door I was looking at all things in my field of vision and trying to absorb the details of their textures; looking at every tiny stone and blade of grass. Also, I tried to take in every sound and experience every smell. After two hours a strange thing happened. I started to feel as though my insides had been replaced with a field of stars and when I looked at things it was as if, some how, my mind was feeling right into and through them! This is completely new to me and was not expected but perhaps this is what many have also experienced?

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Comment by Elnyp Dryke on June 6, 2013 at 3:37am

Thanx for your feed back Andrew. Yeah, I am continuing to practice being in awareness and does seem to be very useful way of utilising the mundane moments. I think I understand what you mean about moving the spot light of observation but think that's far beyond me at the moment! Will keep working and see what develops :)

Comment by Andrew Houston on June 5, 2013 at 2:12pm

It sounds like you got a glimpse of Reality. How wonderful!

I would say that the important thing is to not get caught up in this experience and try to repeat it, but rather to continue in awareness and explore with no expectations. 

As an experiment, try to turn awareness around on itself. Can you put the spotlight of your attention on its own source? Can you observe the observer? What is it that looks through these eyes?

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