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A theory by  Wayne Herschel in his own words : 


it was not only earlier just merely believed to be tied to the human genesis deity Sophia... there IS a Hebrew cipher called the Atbash cipher that decodes the name...
it was never sourced from an evil secret...

Here is Sophia the human genesis deity with three suns of the heavens ... solar trinity and our sun and Earth she stands on to make 4 suns in all... SHE HOLDS A WORMHOLE...

The wormhole here is the same design as those of the Egyptian star ships... with lotus or serpent on their ends! Those were sourced from the tube design as well!

The Templars held this secret only for their brethren and found it safer to encode it with fabricated demonic simplification... just as the ancient Israelites did to the testimony of Solomon works... Its simple... throw in fabricated man made Satanism symbolism and any person thereafter caught studying the source manuscripts are breaking the heresy law and get burned at the stake. The Templars used to obsess in the Baphomet and used to kiss the image of it. This is how society labelled them mistakenly as devil worshippers. BUT ... the Templars were not pure of heart or in any reasonable way ''good'' people at all and by their activities ... they clearly earned the EVIL title. They were the first bank and corporation owners...

Its message pure and sacred...   We are descendant of a cosmic visitor arrival.... From 3 sunlike stars near Pleiades..


Earth humanity seeded from the 3 sun stars... lineage from heavens... tiny faint lines connect from stars to Earth

Matching Wayne Herschel's discoveries... see origins of Trinity





 The references for Wayne Herschels theory is explained by his as follows.  REFERENCES...EXPLAINED...

The Vitruvian man geometry deciphered...
It fits in a cube and a special five sides pentagon


DaVinci encoded it in his paintings too..

2) Human geometry
on artifact pre-dating Baphomet see lines joining hands outstretched to feet with legs apart on predating image...

3) the Goddess Nut of Egypt personified as a woman full of stars adapted as the Bahomet including its representation like its face... over time correctly shown part woman and man... She has breasts the male anatomy the cadeuceus seen here in its pure form with cosmic serpents...

She was called goddess Sophia...

4) Her form also adapted as a Solar deity just as Helios like the statue of liberty...with her torch seen above her head...

5) two sunlike stars she points to one birthing from her womb as per the Sphinx UFO papyrus see first two videos showing womb birth of sol star and the phallic symbol on the ground...

6) the three crescent stars...same as the freemason star map

7) both hands Christ symbol pointing three fingers... represents a solar trinity..
and in duality and how 3 starts of Orion is used to locate it

8) She has three sol stars in the heavens and she tells the story sitting on the Earth

 I think it might be important to note the Round yellow orbs in sickle crescent have worlds in front of them and are not moons in crescent. Our ancestors cant come from stars ... but from worlds in other sun solar systems. See sickle crescent detail by clicking the icon at the top of and see how 3 biggest religions are fighting over ownership of three pieces of the same star map...

9) she has wings depicting ability of flight as traditional teachings of bird winged angels.

10) hebrew word ..DEMON...
De- Mon Hebrew origin for celestial body... star
Solomon said bind the Demons into constellations to learn of the cosmic order and the house of the Eloheim (Elo - people... Heim - heavens)

Interesting....  check this out; 

The Eden Principle

Look closely at the image below and memorize its simplicity.

This system of measurement of human behavior uses the sacred name ‘Eden’ in its title because this principle holds the ultimate teaching mechanism at the Garden of Eden itself. It is called 'The Eden Principle' because it follows the design plan of The Creation. It has nothing man made in it other than the clothing of the individuals seen here.

The image below depicts beauty, simplicity and purity of all natural creation, all in balance with its environment. The awe inspiring splendor seen here is close to that of the Eden biosphere built by The Cherubim in honor of The Creator’s own love for its creation.

Beautiful peaceful nature, clear air and water, food, shelter and clothing are the very basic needs that should be classed as human rights to all that make daily effort to maintain such an environment, be it physical or mental work. In this perspective, as a mental picture, one can measure right from wrong, good and evil in this environment concept rather than our imperfect man made environment.

  This illustration reveals the secret of order in the universe 

It is the reason for the building of The Garden of Eden itself!
It is a concept where good and evil can be clearly defined

  Behavioral patterns must be evaluated here
testing if it is constructive and in harmony
with this 'Eden' concept and all in it ...
... NOT in our corrupt man made environment

If a human behavioral pattern is tested here
and it is found to be in harmony with this natural scenario
then it is good and constructive and not evil  

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Comment by Sunmover on February 12, 2012 at 9:50am

I thought this would intrigue you Steve as will other things on his site.  I almost sent you this but decided to do it as a blog in case others were also interested....

Comment by Sunmover on February 11, 2012 at 4:13pm

A truly fascinating  piece of work, how true or accurate it all is who knows at this point, but it is fun to have such mental stimulation for our own contemplation.. 

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