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Can’t Sleep Thru the Night? Could be because You are Waking Up!

How many of these 51 Spiritual Awakening symptoms do you have?

We are Birthing the very Lightness of our Beingness


Top of the list is nightly interrupted sleep patterns - sudden waves of emotion throughout the day - feeling periodic bursts of energy at the crown chakra - feeling tingling and pressures in the head. Men are also getting hot flashes! All the senses are expanding: hearing is more acute as is vision: seeing glittery particles, geometric shapes when you close your eyes. I could identify with all of these and the other 51!*


 They did not mention this symptom I have pretty much daily from when I first wake up: my whole face, bridge of nose, temporal lobes ache and my three eyes!

We are becoming ONE.

 "Let thine Eyes be single." Gospel of Thomas

 So many people I know have had weird sleep patterns nightly for years including me. Therefore, the title of the youtube caught my eye: How many of these 51 Spiritual Awakening symptoms do you have?


I am not familiar with the producers Ashtar Command. But I decided to keep an open mind as I have had dramatic sleep changes and other body awarenesses, often uncomfortable, for over ten years.

I found the list amazingly accurate….including an obvious result: looking younger!!! The clip did not say this but what I know is happening is that the telomeres are regenerating at the ends of the DNA.  This means increased health,longevity and intuition including synchronisities.


My inner guidance has been consistently “a lot is going on a night when your subconscious is out of the way. All is all right.”   This was regarding the sleep issues but also other feelings and sensations. And I am so grateful to so many who are experiencing this too. I have been sending you all light daily for over ten years.

*Important: As the video points out if any of these symptoms are causing concern do see your health care practitioner. 


Please note:

From the start I was somewhat put off by the computer-generated voice. I learned it is a program that converts written text to voice. It does tend to be flat and monotone, and to mispronounce some words. But the content of what was being said was incredibly accurate.


If the voice thingy is disarming, you can read a very nice transcript by clicking below.

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