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U r being lied to
U n your crew
Language can b a lock down
Caution, danger
Failed challenges will come around
Saturn is challenging the hounded
Chips in ya head, uve been branded
We are in a dream world
And its a straight up nightmare
Like the irish who were slaves
Public school teachers will never dare
Because they are the liars' airwave
Here's some pills, so u can behave
Now a zombie, uve become easier 2 kill
We are in the age of the apocalypse
And we are a blind Cyclops
Caution, dangerous
Black ops killing
Where guns are illegal on campus
Trickin the people
Its catholic n' israel business
Fake christians n' jews they are
Made spiritual science into a religion
Thats other word for corporation
to blind u with their anti love potion
Caution, danger
Those are human beings in your burger
And drones in the sky are the butcher
U mean nothing to them
Like the forgotten u.s. soldiers
Dying from the ill
That came out the bomber
Just watch hamburger hill
U r cannon fodder

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