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Charter for the XXI Century Orders Martinists - Rémi Boyer

Charter for the XXI Century Orders Martinists - Rémi Boyer 

Over the past century, the history of the Orders and Order Martinist was rich and busy. If the Order founded by Papus branched out into numerous branches, this tree was the result of martinista initiation, initiation of free, lineage, from individual to individual. 

The circles, groups, shops and Orders Martinists throughout the last century were the crucible that allowed Enlightenment, occult and hermetic endure and flourish. The freedom, tolerance, spirit of inquiry that has dominated, despite some inevitable vicissitudes, and the movement martinista allowed to rediscover many doubters, regardless of their particular ways, in a true communion under the aegis of the Unknown Philosopher. 

The Order also welcome Martinist knew other currents within it to preserve, assist and learn a new development. 

Today, in order that that spirit will remain, so that what is alive, do not become fixed, are enrolled in this Charter for the XXI century Martinists Orders, the simple principles that contributed to the radiation (influence) of Martinism from Papus 

The adoption of this Charter is free, does not confer any rights, only duties arising out of ethics. No one will have to account for it, except himself and Providence. 
Source: CIREM. Copies encouraged. 

I - According to Saint-Martin 

"My sect is Providence, my proselytizing, I am, my worship, is justice." 

"... I'm surprised you found the weak credit, so I can give my name to my old school or whatever. Institutions sometimes are used to mitigate the evils of man, more in most cases to increase, never to heal. " 

"The only initiation which I try, with all the ardor of my soul is that where we can enter the heart of God and do God's heart enter into us, to make an indissoluble marriage, which makes us the friend, brother and our spouses divine restorative. There is another mystery to get to this holy initiation, only to delve into more and more into the depths of our being and not letting go, that we fail to feel the living and vivifying root, because then all the fruits that we should take in accordance with our species occur naturally in us and outside us, as we see it arrives at our land trees, because they are adherent to their private root and that did not stop pumping the juices. " 

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin devoted much of his life, who frequent the initiatory orders, founded no reserve and kept a fairly towards all. For his work, he began a stream of Enlightenment thought and Christian higher invited to ride up a spirit of brotherhood. In the article of his death, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin "urging all the people around you to put your trust in Providence, and live among them as brothers, feelings evangelicals." 
II - According to Papus 

Martinist Papus founded the Order in several stages: 
- 1884-1885: first initiation. 
- 1887: first store. 
- 1887-1890: establishment of the Order Martinist wording of the statutes and terms of instruction. 
- 1891: the first constitution of the Supreme Council. 

Initiation of 1882 which Papus refers Chaboseau Augustin is one that lies in what concerns him in 1886, initiations, respectively, who passed in 1888, remain uncertain in nature and the circumstances. They reveal a different way and just ritual. It is the initiation of Papus Papus-Chaboseau not, then that will constitute the foundation of the Order Martinist initiation "Martin." 
III - In accordance with the Order 

Papus conceived and established the Order Martinist at the same time, as an initiatory order and a school of moral chivalry [1] Christian and occult. 
Order Martinist Christianity is marked by the doctrine of Universal Reintegration Martin's Pasqually, as by way of transmuting inner heart of Saint-Martin, and the occult is "a set of doctrines and practices founded on the theory that every object belongs a single set and features with any other element of this set, reports required, intentional, non-temporal and non-spatial [2], called the theory of correspondences. 

Papus and the Companions of the Hierophant, were animated by the spirit of research, not dogmatic speculation by finding its foundations as well as their operating results. 

True to its title, the Order Martinist binds mainly to study and apply the original teaching of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and to understand the influence of his former master, Martinis Pasqually and Jacob Boehme in his teaching. [3 
a) First result: The Order is attached Martinist the simplicity of ritual forms, whose Order Martinist primitive sets the example. 
b) Second consequence: the brotherhood and friendship are the heart of the experience martinista: "Will not you call me Master. Because there is only one Master, and you all are my brothers. [4]. 
c) Third consequence: An Order Martinist is independent of the whole Church as a whole other order of initiation, the members remain free to establish any affiliations in spirit. The equivalences between the degrees of the Order and other orders Martinist initiation ever. They are meaningless initiation. 
d) Fourth result: The Order Martinist invites its members to engage in the path of reintegration. This involves preparing them to be free from all forms of alienation, including adherence to any kind of initiation including the Order Martiniste. 
IV - fraternity 

After the death of Papus, the Order Martinist branched and the process is not interrupted. Any dispute about the Orders and precedents Martinists is inconvenient unless all kinds of qualified martinista endorse the general principles outlined above.Among the orders martinista, as well as between members of each order martinista, fraternity is the rule, and the competition is not cognizable under the relation of virtue. 

All orders Martinists dispense the same initiation, a member of any Order Martinist can and should be received as a visitor at a meeting conducted under the auspices of another order Martiniste. 
[1] Papus. Martinésisme, willermozisme, Martinisme et franc-Maçonnerie. Paris.Chamuel. 1899. 
[2] L'Occultism esquisse d'un monde vivant. Saint Jean de la Ruelle. Éditions Chanteloup. 1987. 
[3] "and Martinique and Pasqually I owe my entry into higher truths. Jacob Boehme is that I have the most important steps that made these truths' Portrait, No. 418. 
[4] Mt XXIII, 8. 

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