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2020 has been a fine year for growing my esoteric experience, just not for sharing it.

The 5D emanations continue unabated. I wouldn't be surprised if I made the transition from carbon to crystalline without anyone in my village even noticing. 

Southern Vermont has done a great job avoiding the virus. This is partially because people here are not used to touching each other anyway. 

In the winter I was deepening the inner smile to my kidneys and bladder, "growing your water" as Master Chia suggests. The December-February period - True North - held promise for spring, which is for growing one's thunder and wood. The virus could not alter the supremacy of a meditation already based in solitude, but it could suck all the inspiration to write. Everything I've already written was surely of greater aesthetic merit than anything I could say in reaction to this. So I just hunkered into an array of YouTube isochronic tones, planetary frequencies, online yoga classes, online Reiki, and online movies. 

Now it is summer, where in the Taoist medicine wheel we grow our heart-fire. Every year (or every day) the quality of the water and fire purifies further so that the steam we send to the bodily systems and out to the universe is better and better. After summer will be late summer: earth, spleen, stomach/pancreas, and stability. Then autumn, which is about metal. Between metal and where the cycle begins again with water is Heaven, ultimate yang, the northwest.

Whether to specific individuals or the collective, the love I send to the world community is sincere. 

And i finally wrote a new song, just a 16 bar blues, but a funny one, with the melody pitched just right, and four verses about how although nothing has changed outwardly, my goals and strategies as a visionary singer do and should remain the same. Active passivity is the Way, especially when the people who could reach back have known your phone number for years. The oracles keep telling me to expect societal engagement. May as well quit asking and surrender to the Lord (which is another name for Source's multi-dimensional grid of light).  One verse for the I Ching, one for runes, one for Miss Trixie Lee the fortune teller, and one for muscle testing. It's called "Dump the Divinations"!

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Comment by peter henry daley on September 1, 2020 at 7:59pm

As my Soul sings praises let me hear the echo of the song.

Comment by steve on August 12, 2020 at 5:43pm

i want to hear the song :)

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