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There are a few who bark of the path that must be taken. And if it is truly the only one they are being a beckon of hope and care. However if they are falsely leading all to the same path when they could take another paths more suited or familiar. For we are all our own makeup from birth to environmental shaped and grown from our collective sensory input. While life is I feel about experiencing and forming the growth and change that bring in the next cycle for us and the beings to come. We are the manifest change brought forth by our forebears. Now that is not saying there are no sirens about the many paths. Today we have more means of distraction then ever from the harmonic rhythms of our true place in nature. Many are waking from the numbing effect and seek resolve for what they see. While the path of a Tibetan monk may well be a true enlightening path. So too may be the shaman of the rainforest's through communion and gained knowledge from the earth, animals, plants and mushrooms. But to have the knowledge all paths but our own are wrong? It may be more fair to say our path is wrong for all but us. All paths are but a single thread in the fabric of the all. Our individuality allows such a diversity in view and growth in all realms and directions. If we all took the same path what effect would that have on the growing and learning?

So for one to follow your master, leader, professor, friend or lover is good. But it is following their path not your save by adoption. And for some this may work out fine, and for others not. And if you go into a form of study with differing directions on how to follow the path. This to me is saying that only allow one other will direct yous not two or three? If the study you are undertaking is so conflicting in the teachers how can you know you follow the correct one? Oh unless you already know the answer. It would seem one is good to hear them all and follow your own discernment. You have no will if you give it to you teacher. I guess there are so many wanting to be governed by others but want company to justify their choice to stop choosing. I do think it good to have community and kinship to share in the strength to choose your path with the support of your will. Let them have your back but not your neck, giving you added strength but allowing your own direction. There is a path and hope for for what good is knowledge with out the knowing? Knowledge is gathered while knowing is experienced. There is belief in knowledge and there is truth and manifestation in knowing. I know I am thankful for the many lighten paths from good a gracious beings of help and hope. That are found and joyfully taken by many weary and cheery seekers. Thanks to all the Starry lights who allow that sparkle in the eyes of those in need of hope.

JustDreams of a Talking Stick

Namaste JD

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Comment by Jolan ☯ on December 15, 2017 at 12:36pm

' I guess there are so many wanting to be governed by others and just want to follow others to justify their choice to stop choosing.'  -  sums it up pretty well JD

Comment by Jolan ☯ on December 15, 2017 at 12:12pm

Wars have been fought over believe - by people who were convinced that everyone should live under the same principles. People have sought to control the world by trying to place everyone under the same banner. Globalism is exactly that in modern times by promoting 'sameness' and destroying uniqueness expressed by local culture and local identity - local ways of doing things. People should be free to experience life the way they deem right. Making mistakes is part of that. What works for one person, even if this person is called a master, shouldn't be held up as the guideline for everyone. Life is expansive and experimental... The multitude of species and orientations in nature testifies to this. Some people are misusing the examples of others when they are pretending their example is the way everyone should live. At best, experiences of others can be an inspiration to our lives, and their example can be a temporal support, but ideally everyone works out what works best for them. Saying everyone has the same goal is wrong and right at the same time. All experiences expand the one, but the path's taken to provide that expansion are unique, even if some people take the example of someone else as the absolute guideline to adhere to, even then will they have walked the path in their own way. Everyone has a different frame out of which they come forth, being the past (or parallel) lifetimes, which also means that everyone has different point's on which they wish to expand in each lifetime. Sure, there are many similarities between path's, wile at times they are very different. Today and in the past, we can see many people feeling very unsure about their own inclinations, unsure about who they are, unsure about what their purpose is. This has led to many people seeking shelter under the banner of others, under religion, getting comfortable within the believe systems generated by others. Sooner or later everyone is confronted with their own though, hence the saying ' Know thyself ' Getting to know our selves is the only common goal we have, the way we get to know ourselves is unique, cause nobody can replace that path to self discovery. Sure, others can inspire and lead until one feels strong enough to become sovereign in terms of deciding which is the path to walk to get to self realization.  The universe prefers unique experiences in order to expand. Each soul is a unique aspect of the 'all' are they not? There are already enough people flocking together and cloning what was already created. This world is in need for people who think for themselves and who dare to innovate and chose for them selves instead of adopting the choices of another as the golden rule that has to be universalized. J.

Comment by JD on December 15, 2017 at 8:43am

Could not agree more. :)

Comment by anki on December 15, 2017 at 8:36am

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor know thyself on temple doors

Comment by JD on December 15, 2017 at 7:32am

Yes this helps show you don't get it. We are meant to experience life, not shed it, the shedding will come. But again others feel the must impose they only thing they see. So on like the responses I made to you that you delete I leave yours in an attempt at communication. And the fact we are all different in our way and one is my understanding and you have by what you say no idea what I think believe or know. And that is totally fine with me. But I willfully seek truth for truth not cause it is the biggest thing on face book. And what do I know maybe face book is the answer, someplace I don't go. We are all capable to discern if we choose to. I do wish you peace of heart and mind, this seem much needed in us all.

Namaste JD

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