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     The manifestations of the Absolute are both infinite and inscrutable. The limitations of the human mind severely limit the appreciation of this, as intended for the sake of experience universally aspired at all levels of Being.

Searchers in metaphysics find Truth is truly awesome in the scope and magnificence of the number of galaxies and universes.

There is a variety of intelligent life forms breathing gases other than oxygen, not all are humanoid and some are hybrids with other species, some not humanoid at all. Ancient spacefaring races seems to be commonplace.

Time is subject to change, in the accounts of those who have been subjected to such interference having disappeared for days. Rejuvenation has also been experienced, and done in the DUMBS. These are lately notorious for the discovery of prisoners including children sick, abused and starving. Their  rescue is only recorded in the unofficial news, as part of the secret war you are not supposed to know about.

Readers who should no longer pay attention to the ‘NEWS’, can follow such disclosures available on Youtube.

The world is undergoing a conditioning stage of fear and mind control intended for a new and more complete Fascism. Resistance is growing, the war on the inner planes has been won, where all has always been determined for the surface. Freedoms will be soon restored without a war. It may take a few years.

A last thought on the heading is from the answer to the question, “Why does IT create?”. The answer came from a Cosmic Master who was able to attain the highest level in meditation, came in ideas only referable to “Curiosity”.



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Comment by peter henry daley on April 28, 2021 at 6:57pm

Thankyou for the comment. For more esoterica there is the book dictated by the Martian Master, Mars Sector Six ,"The Nine Freedoms", which includes the passage via the planets leading to perfection on Saturn.  

For the mystic there are the words of Jesus who was from Venus, in "The Twelve Blessings".

Alex Collier was fostered and taught by Andromedans. His book is free to download.

Comment by Suzanne on April 28, 2021 at 11:47am

Thank you Peter for your wonderful educational post. I am a Andromedan hybrid and find it hard living here, but once disclosure comes out then more star family and beings will finally be accepted.

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