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Hello my friend, here we meet again after 25 years.

It was just yesterday that I last saw you,

Back in the year of the pig, hidden deep within the earth.

On the top of the murmur stairs we stand one more time.

To find the mother of all questions, the seat of the soul.

Why do we live? What is our breath? Who is that I am inside the skin?


A lot has changed since the last time we felt alive.

Everything we knew was lost in that December morning.

Plane out of freedom, into the happiness of slavery.

The blessings of the ignorant, a wolf in the clothes of a sheep.


The pain we had was covered in the thin veil of friendships.

All of which we lost to seek a new life.

Or more like to be better off than I was already.

The safety net was gone and all we had left was our loneliness.

The empty hole that my heart used to be.

A castle of ice in the center of the north.


X marks the spot, a star guides the way

Polaris the guide of the night is awakened under the stars.

So innocent and pure we used to be, so young so nauive,

We used to believe in people, we used to believe in love.

I don’t anymore, the castle of ice has fully frozen over


Every day I wish the sun will rise again

Warm the ice age that is now my heart.

Close the hole in my soul, all we need is love after all.

So much easier said than done,

You have to shine bright, goes inside the man who can’t shine.


I climb alongside the walls and ceilings of my mind

Trying to find the reason of having a broken beating heart.

Frozen gates to heaven, locks rusted down to the core.

A smile blackened by grief and eyes closed by sadness.


Though even behind eyes closed shut I have found you

It has been 25 years, but I found you at least.

My twin, my Spiderwoman, my creativity and heart.

One more time we dance, as we always have been inside.

A dance of the twins, in the 6th octave frame.

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Comment by anki on May 31, 2020 at 11:49am

thank you

Comment by Max on May 31, 2020 at 11:36am

I am curiouser and curiouser as was said in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Most of us are the "man who can't shine." Nice verse Anki.

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