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As time goes on I've come to the conclusion that we are both in 'heaven' and 'hell'  while living in our physical bodies.

Man’s nature may be compared to the eyes. In sleep they are shut and there is darkness. They must await the awakening before they can see. Before the awakening it may be said that they possess chih, the basic substance or quality to see, but it is not yet awakened. It has to be trained before it becomes good. Before it is awakened, it may be said to possess the basic substance or quality to become good, but it cannot be said that it is already good… .

The nature (hsing) of man it like a silk cocoon or an egg. An egg has to be hatched to become a chicken, and a silk cocoon has to be unraveled to make silk. It is the true character of Heaven that Nature needs to be trained before becoming good.


"Love says “I am everything”. Wisdom says “I am nothing”. Between the two, my life flows."

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Many the stars I passed in my journey,

many the races of men on their worlds;
some reaching high as stars of the morning,
some falling low in the blackness of night.

Each and all of them struggling upward,
gaining the heights and plumbing the depths,
moving at times in realms of brightness,
living through darkness, gaining the Light.

Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage.
Know that darkness is only a veil.
Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal,
waiting the moment of freedom to conquer,
waiting to rend the veil of the night.

The Emerald Tablets IV

"The secret, or innermost, level of wisdom is pure intuition, clarity, lucidity, innate wakefulness, presence, and recognition of reality. This transcendental wisdom is within all of us—it just needs to be discovered and developed, unfolded and actualized."

 Lama Surya Das

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Comment by Sunmover on February 14, 2012 at 11:04am

"Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres."
Hermes Trismegistus

Comment by Sunmover on February 14, 2012 at 5:31am

You understand more than you realize and any contemplation incorporates the crown chakra and beyond wherein your soul will  inspire you with Truth and lead you to where to find the next puzzle piece of realization... It is such a blessed journey and one filled with de-light...and en - lightenment .......hahaha

Comment by Taron on February 13, 2012 at 6:00pm

omg, this is fantastic, Sunmover! I haven't heard of the Emerald Tablet before and just read the translations. I'm kind of stunned, maybe actually stunned to some degree. I feel like I understand a good part of it, unless I'm off with my ideas, of course. I'd like to write a post to start dissecting it more carefully. This is quite something. Thank you!

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 4:39pm

"Man is in the process of changing, to forms that are not of this world; grows he in time to the formless, a plane on the cycle above. Know ye, ye must become formless before ye are one with the light."
Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 1:35pm

Well, sincerity and humility go hand in hand as we peel back the layers of lies that are being imposed upon us.....

We may celebrate our creativity and the light we find in higher spheres, but we should really recognize what is lit by that light and not just stare into the source in hopes for bliss or illusions of righteousness...

Timur I had to come back to your words as they resonate as truth and worth reflecting on again and again......thank you.

"An encounter with the inner voice of truth cannot occur without achieving a state of true humility. Christ’s words “the meek shall inherit the Earth” reveal that higher truth and the knowledge of immortality is only vouchsafed to those who accept their situation in life and the full knowledge of the part they have played in it, aware that they are limited only by their own shortcomings. Such meekness requires what is known as magical equilibrium—perfect balance coupled with great poise."

The Secrets of High Magic, by Francis Melville

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 12:18pm

"Thus saith He who formulateth in darkness.
I am lord, not of light alone
But of darkness also,
For I the One am all-pervading
I, the lord, destroy with darkness.
But with darkness do I also create.
The wise discern this.
Fools, deluded by outward appearance,
create a demon out of the web of their folly."
Book of Tokens

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 11:52am

My friend........truly your words are perfect in their combination to comprise very thought provoking contemplation..... Paramahansa Yogananda had a story to tell about a person who did not believe in Source - to use that term - and so he was put to work in an office where there were images on the wall of Krishna and other spiritual masters and day by day week by week this person worked around these pictures that just sat quietly on the wall.  Before too much time had gone this person was a changed person and the pictures had worked silently like a spiritual mantra to open his heart and so his energy fields. ....

Now when I moved to post such things as this it is merely for one to do with as they please, but at some level the soul will hold onto a significant word or combinations of them energetically within your field and in due time just like a seed planted it will bloom in whatever way may be needed to enhance the awareness within.......light will always penetrate even through a small crack of resistance...

Comment by Taron on February 13, 2012 at 11:35am

Oh, Sunmover, I know, I wasn't aware of a character limit per post, unfortunately. Then I thought I'd take it as a sign, hahaha. Unfortunately I don't remember all I wrote, but I believe it was somewhat apologetic in regards to my own writing and that I yet have to "find my voice", so to say, learn how to best convey, channel and contribute my thoughts for and with all of us. I just know there was more, but I can't recover it exactly.

However, I believe the most important things I had to say made it into the post. We may celebrate our creativity and the light we find in higher spheres, but we should really recognize what is lit by that light and not just stare into the source in hopes for bliss or illusions of righteousness. At the end the only thing that truly matters about our role in this entire process called life are our deeds and it's most hopeful, if it is guided by a greater understanding which comes from what we call spirituality.

I'm afraid I might not achieve it either to formulate in a solid and grounded form all the things I begin to understand.  I do not want to turn words into indulgences, but hope to offer wisdom within them to lead towards a possible indulgence in everyone's own senses. This joy should come from understanding something that might've been inaccessible before or an affirmation that the suppressed path may be worthy of revelation. Like when we think to ourselves "I always knew there was a reason" and suddenly it can be formulated or rationally presented and put into action.

Anyway, before I hit the word limit again: THANK YOU for this great collection of wisom and blessings, love and light to you.

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 9:55am

Not everything in the dark is fearful or lacks love;

"In the beginning, there was blackness.
Only the sea.
In the beginning there was no sun, no moon, no people.
In the beginning there were no animals, no plants.
Only the sea.
The sea was the Mother.
The Mother was not people, she was not anything.
Nothing at all.
She was when she was, darkly.
She was memory and potential.
She was Aluna"
Kogi Genesis

Comment by Sunmover on February 13, 2012 at 7:24am

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