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Declaration of Interdependence 12/12/12 – Day of Hope and Gratitude

12.12.12 will be a highly positively charged day leading up to the Solstice on

Dec 21, 2012. It is being called: WORLD DAY OF INTER-CONNECTEDNESS: .


 Join in with your presence and prayers! On The Natural Time Calendar, 12.12.12 is "White
Electric Mirror" a Global Rainbow Bridge Activation Day, and is also the 28th and final day of The Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance. It is also the day of "Our Lady Guadalupe," celebrated throughout Mexico as one of the most important days on their calendar.

On the Traditional Maya Calendar, 12.12.12 is "8 B'atz'" which is the first day of their Cholq'ij
Sacred Calendar.

In "The Energies of the Day for 2012" Maya Ajq'ij Denise Barrios writes: "During this day the spiritual guides and members of the Maya community meet to perform a Ceremony of Gratitude to the Ajaw and to ask Him for blessings for this new cycle.

Light 20 candles and connect through their energy with the hundreds of sacred fires that are lit today in all of the Sacred Maya Altars."


Blessings of Calm, Creative Courage
Eden Skywalker

Please spend some time in Hope and Gratitude for the Beauty that is You and ALL That IS reflected in each other and Gaia. Love and many blessings, Swan

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Comment by SwanRa on December 15, 2012 at 8:15am

Thank you with me whenever we truly make all of our feelings acceptable we become more allowing myself to really feel....I was of course releasing more of my own personal past including other lifetimes.....the long and the short of it....I am today in a place of more love and wisdom and today there is more Peace on Earth for the inner work I did yesterday.

12-12-12 was a celebration of the Feminine and the Cosmic Birther.

This is beautiful and for you.

Comment by Adam Kadmon on December 15, 2012 at 6:01am

I know its a pretty devastating Age. I was pretty shocked at what happ as well. But try your best not to be effected emotionally by the outside world. I know its hard but its been a very cold world and we are truly living in the Dark ages.

                 You always have my support friend....Many Blessings and best wishes. Here are some exercises as well which take a life time to master.


Cheers mate!...will catch u soon!

Comment by SwanRa on December 14, 2012 at 3:47pm

Oh dear Adam....I am so trying to integrate all that I have been focusing on for 25 years - work with the inner child....with self and others........including celebrating all that has been evolving.... expanding.....yet...

...A stones throw from me where I live in WMA - in a few hours ago....little children 20 in number - latest tally - and 6 teachers were shot dead  ......and one more ....the Shooter......

Once screams why...but I know why ..... such abuse that the shooter endured that left him hostile and filled with the hatred he swallowed that burst out today. Apparently among the dead is his mother.

I have cried for the past two hours ..... we will probably learn that the shooter was an abused child as so many have Aurora .....Columbine.....those that have gone postal.......Cho at Virginia Tech.....and those dictators.....Hitler ...Khaddafi et al.....have taken their repressed hate out on innocents.

This is my work ....for many years......helping others heal the inner child that got lost in the hate and froze there....ahh....but I have to focus on the Sun and Moon - I will be publishing soon my work ...

Thank you dear Adam....I feel like you offered a hand to a time I need it.....also I know I will get comfort from the wonder offerings you posted.

It is 4 4 4 on my clock.....Heart heart heart.....4th chakra.....

Thank you for yours..... I love you and thank you so much - I feel such love for you....Blessings.


Comment by Adam Kadmon on December 14, 2012 at 2:04pm

Thanks SwanRa...Many Blessings to you too!!!

                  I completely agree what you have to say about the tarot and its correspondence to 12 & 13. It is great you had a great experience on 12 th. There is so much to add it would take a complete new chapter;). But these videos should say it all!


                            Here are some Bij mantras for Chakras if u feel any future blockages. I am goin to start focusing on them and start meditating soon continous. Try and keep repeating the mantra and visualize the chakra while your energy moves upwards.Best wishes on your path Many Blessing!!!

Comment by SwanRa on December 13, 2012 at 7:06am

Dear Adam Kadman .......Thank you for adding so much beauty - I love your contributions. The first picture says exactly how I have been feeling and the second my knowing.....the end of many lifetime cycles to be in the expansion energy!!

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to express this : I had such an amazing long meditation yesterday where I felt all these plugs.......unstick (unsuck?) from my body. Reminds me of a scene from the Matrix.....I felt a very deep sense of OMG - I am FINALLY UNPLUGGED from the Matrix!!! To much to get into here but there was a tremendous relief of my 2nd and 3rd chakras - and the tightness in my throat my 5th chakra left ....hmm 2+3 =5 - I felt an empowerment I had not before.....and my heart chakra opened more (I heard a snap!) and my first chakra opened .....and confidence which is a synergy of trust humility hope and courage....became one with my very breath.

So much in my life is about the 12 - It is the Hanged Man in the Tarot---- healing the Ego.....and the table of 12 that is our Horoscope....Jesus had his table of 12 as did Osiris and Odin and Arthur....and they occupied the 13th seat. So many have been trained to fear 13 - it is the Death Rebirth CHANGE Archetype.....some call GRACE.

The Constellation 13 is Ophiuchus....called the snake the Heiros Gamos - the sacred marriage of respect of the feminine and masculine. This is the 13th seat we are meant to occupy. 

It is a big seat!!!

My commitment to birthing 12/22/12 began twenty five years ago as with those in my tribe - about 2500 from all over the world. We made a commitment to heal the inner child and unplug from codependency. It was worth the long and at times intense birthing pains.....

I can't say right this minute 8am that I feel any different today......but there is a sense of ALL is ALL RIGHT but that has been my mantra for many years!!

Blessing to you and would love to hear anything you care to share.

Comment by Adam Kadmon on December 12, 2012 at 12:22am

Yes I can feel the positivity in the air. LoveLight n' Infinite Blessings and Happiness!!!

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