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If you haven't already, read my blog titled "Reality" before this one. This is a kind of pt.2. OK so by this point we can agree that reality is not random. And if you have had the time, you have proven this to yourself using my omen dictionary method. You have probably concluded that there is no coincidence just synchronicity. Events that are made to happen. Event 1 leads to event 2 and so on until the ultimate goal is complete. Many of these overlap each other at the same time. We can influence events to change, take place, or never take place. Prayers, rituals, hope all changes the reality we are in. I have seen things change before my eyes with just strong intention. Even asked to be shown a synchronicity, and one occurs instantly. So if this reality is able to be changed, then it is not real. Think about it. If it is programmable, it must be a program. We are taught from birth that reality can't be changed, but they tell you to pray to God to make someone heal, or an event to occur.  This has been handed down for so long all but the few observant can see through it. Not that I do not believe in a Source, I do. But I also have known since I was a child after being indoctrinated into Catholic Christianity, that I was a part of Source. They did not teach me this. Around 7 years old, I was contemplating the afterlife judgement. I could see it all. I was standing at the foot of God ready for him to tell me if I was going to hell. I still recall this to this day vividly, because the next thing that I thought did not come from me! In my head a voice that sounded just like mine said, "What if you are God and you are judging yourself, would you send yourself to hell?" This was 1985. No internet. No research. I was 7. I spoke to a priest who said that was just the devil telling me that. Because after all, he fell for the same reason; thinking he was God. I knew that voice was me, it felt like me, sounded like me. Anyway, back to the show.

If this world we perceive is not real then it is fake, but how is it fake? I have several theories, but for that. But you will have to tune in to the next Blog. We will get into Vibration and Oscillation, light waves (Photons), and how a proper projection could be fooling us.....well, not you or me but most ppl believe they are their job, their name, their 5 since reality. We have infinite senses, they have just been neutralized or nullified by the reality field program.  Until next time.

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