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The Quintessential Guide to Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry can be found everywhere in the world around us. Since the time of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, men have been creating architecture based in forms found in sacred geometry. There are patterns in nature as well. The world and the universe around us are filled with sacred geometry. From seashells to the human body, from the cosmos to the atom, all forms are permeated with the shapes found in sacred geometry. While sacred geometry theories can be verified mathematically, it is also a field which holds much interest to many different religious communities who can find that it holds deep spiritual meaning for them. Sacred geometry is found within the Jewish Kabalistic system. Hindus, Christians and Jews have all built holy buildings with architecture based in sacred geometry. Scientists, archaeologists, mathematicians, and many spiritual seekers study sacred geometry as well.

Sacred Geometry Introductory Tutorial

Why Sacred Geometry?

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