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Where did our compassion go.......

This begs the questions;

what does it mean to be human, and what separates us from animals.........

“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”  .....Carl Jung


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Comment by ॐBlessedॐ on October 28, 2011 at 11:53am
ok... man came from monkeys, im convinced.
Comment by ancestralblue on October 27, 2011 at 10:23pm

 One more story...

   About 25 years ago I knew a kid who was riding his horse along a busy road on Long Island and a car veered onto the shoulder where he was with his mare and hit them at about 40 MPH. The driver jumped out and started screaming at the kid about being on the road in the dark ( true he should not have been out there, but , the driver was still responsible for veering off of the road) who was by this time on the road, his head bleeding profusely and his mare a little way off with her chest split wide open.

   Finally taking notice of the boy's injuries...the driver jumped back into this car and took off at high speed away from the scene.

   Obviously, the driver was running from responsibility and he was himself lucky that he hadn't been killed. (Who knows if he had any injuries), but his fear of getting caught was bigger than his compassion for the damage he'd done.

   I think that that's out there alot. Like drunk driving...people don't want responsibility for the things they matter how heinous.

Comment by ancestralblue on October 27, 2011 at 10:08pm

Can't say I know about the van driver...I've known of a few too many instances where kids, old folks and animals have been hit and rolled over by somebody who was not sure what they hit and never stopped to look...feeling only momentary guilt or shrugging and moving on.

  I have been behind drivers who did such with critters and it seemed they never knew. I remember one night being behind a driver who ran over this huge cat. Being at least 50 or 60 feet behind him...even I could see the cat's face in the headlights and the glow of his spooked eyes. Then since  the window  was open I could hear the thump as he was hit. The driver never hit the brakes or showed any recognition that he'd just killed the cat.

   Pulling my car over I pulled his warm body off the road and it made me feel hopeless about certain elements of mankind. That's been a thought many times when I see what we're capable of.

    In places where any kind of life is considered disposable it's rather no surprise that such attitudes exist. In places where children are sold or abandoned in large numbers or where certain people are considered excess population...that's a bigger likelyhood.

   Yes...animals do have more of a heart connection and pack, herd or flock takes precedence over everything else to the point that without each other they sink into depression and may become ill.

    And it depends how the sufferer views that experience. If they learn to see the other as themselves and what it feels like...then compassion is the result. But if they focus only on themselves and take a narcisisstic view, then rage and indifference may be the result. A sort of "better them than me" sort of reaction.

   I think that kind of depends on where one is on the evolutionary path. Don't you?

Comment by Sunmover on October 27, 2011 at 6:11pm

AB, if only it were about the thinking of involvement.  What about the van driver who ran over her could he bear to feel the body under his conditioned is a culture to be so emotionally shut down.  When I was getting the embed code for that video and looked over at the index of other videos some of the titles were shocking, like a girl getting raped on the street in that same culture and everyone just going about their business.  

In some cases suffering may breed compassion but in others it breeds rage and indifference.   Animals may have more heart connection as they don't kill for pleasure and often live in a pack/ community and are often more intelligent than many humans. 

Comment by ancestralblue on October 27, 2011 at 6:40am

    Animals are not diverted by thinking "what's it going to cost me to get involved". The neo cortex used in reverse to justify what the limbic brain does in territorial,self protective mode.

   The woman who was labeled a scavenger is more than likely the sort who has been through enough to have a grasp of how it feels to feel injured and abandoned. Suffering breeds compassion.

    When we have been seriously polarized (and to the left hemisphere), it can create a warlike condition in the way that we react. Our brains are far out of balance. Put that together with the neo cortex used in reverse and there we are. The limbic section controlling but one side of the brain and the subsequent loss of our true humanity. It should be full use of the neo cortex and in control of the limbic section.

   Animals have a limited neo cortex and primarily limbic brains. They don't reason why they shouldn't. They're all about feeling.

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